Saturday, July 20, 2013

What Does Your Peace of Mind Cost?

I can answer that question. It costs a few hundred dollars for me.

Yesterday I spent the majority of my day getting my car looked at and fixed.
You see, the passenger doors on the car were not staying locked. One I had finagled with (yes, I do wish I were more mechanical) and I was able to lock it (it can't unlock from the outside, but I can open it from the inside). The back one was not locking - at all!

Let's just say that every time Abby was waking up in the night, she was peering out the window to make sure the car was still there. AND the other night when she heard a horn honking (you know, the alarm sound), she would race over to the window to make sure it wasn't hers.

Needless to say, it was time to get it checked out.
Yes, it was confirmed, both door latches needed replacing. Bad news - door latches are crazy expensive.
Abby makes executive decision - only fix the back one since the front one is locked and she can finagle it again if need be. (Plus, the thought of spending $1000 on door locks nearly put her in a state of shock! Yes, I am writing in the third person. It happens).

Commence waiting another hour and a half for the repair. Thankful for the Kindle app. Also, thankful for a sweet brother who called early on to give me his advice. Love that kid.

The time comes to pay the bill (again still in slight shock).
Go to the cashier to pay. Side note: I love paying in cash. I have now cut down to only owning one card and it's a debit card. The end.
My card won't go through. We try repeatedly. Add to the fun. I do not have several hundred dollars worth of cash with me to pay the bill. Add more - the bank I used it closed because it is on Eastern time and is a small bank. Call the number I do have. It's the fraud department and they can't help me because the card isn't stolen (thankful for that).

So I stand there. (AND I'm totally chill, calm, no inner-I-think-I'm-going-to-puke feeling going on. I think part of it was because I knew I could communicate).
I will admit, I did have some Spencer come out in me while on the phone with the bank. I was polite, but did push back somewhat. Yes, I was a wee bit feisty!

I ask the cashier and the service person helping me - what should I do? I have the cash at home, but I'm not sure you want to let me go and get it. I'll leave everything I own with me here as a deposit (including a really nice purse/bag a friend gave me with the tag still on it).
The guy says, "I've never done this before. Um...I guess you can go get it."
They close in 90 minutes from the time I leave.

Make it back. Pay the bill. Brought the cashier and the homeboy helping me mini snickers as a thank you for their kindness. The cashier said, "He was sweating!"

Now, when I hit the keyless entry, all the doors are now locked and the horn honks reminding me all doors are secured. And that peace of mind only cost...a whole lot.

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