Thursday, August 22, 2013

Blessed, Encouraged, Thankful

A journey to obedience isn't always easy. I knew that leaving Panama would be difficult, mostly in the leaving behind of significant relationships. And truly, that has been the most difficult in missing my heart friends.

Yet, over and over, the Lord has continued to confirm this road of obedience is the right one.

Gonna be honest, my first day I was definitely doubting at moments and wrestling with, "AM I CRAZY? I have NO idea what I'm doing."

Enter day 2 - staff meeting day. I met with my "boss" (it feels so weird to say that, because she is so much more than that) and with our intercessor (yes, there is a prayer warrior on our team!). Lana, our intercessor, handed me her devotional from the week before and said she was led by the Lord to pass it on to me.

I read it back at my desk and wept. It hit so many of the areas I had given to the Lord in those first two days. It battled against my insecurities and spoke truth over the areas I had been continually laying before Him.

Here is a snippet from what she wrote:
"Great is the call on each of your lives. many of the words I spoke to Jeremiah are true of you today, for before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, and before you were born, I consecrated each one of you. It is I who appointed you for the task you now perform. It is I who put My words in your mouths, whether you speak, sing, pray, lead, or do the work in an office...Do not say in your hearts, 'I am too young or I am too old. I am too weak or I am too inexperienced. I am too sinful or I am too bothered by too many other things.' Say instead, 'Lord, I give you all that I am. Replace it with all that You are.' Dedicate every moment to Me and I will minister to your own hearts even as you reach out to the hearts of those I'll bring to you whether in your personal lives or in the lives of those among whom you work."


I could share a snippet from every week of staff meetings/devotions because each one has been such a blessing and encouragement from the Lord. Thankful.

It's such a blessing to be a part of this incredible team of people. The sweetness of the Lord's provision is beyond measure.

Here is a snapshot/portion of the amazing team I'm privileged to serve alongside!

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