Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Disclaimers Everywhere

I have a bad habit. I love to read everything. It's ridiculous. Yes, I've read toothpaste tubes, instructions manuals, warning labels, etc (not to mention books, magazines, newspapers, etc).

In middle/high school, I used to program people's VCRs (remember those? I had to explain what they were on the way back from kid's camp). A couple would go out for dinner, I would babysit their children, and after the kids went to bed, I would program electronics so the clock wouldn't flash anymore. Why? Because I had read so many instruction manuals and could do it. Ridiculous.

So what's the point?
Y'all, there are crazy disclaimers and warnings on so many things. Yes, we've all seen the old school email forwards that used to get sent with those and the pinterest notes about it too.

Well, I came across one last night.

Do you see it?

Why do we need the disclaimer? Because you know somewhere, some poor watermelon farmer was sued because a runaway seed found it's way into a watermelon and someone choked or complained due to false advertising.

Yep, I read the sticker. There's material everywhere.

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