Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday's Friends - Mind-a-lynn

This past Wednesday lent itself to today's subject.
(Yes, I know I didn't post last Friday. Let's just say Abby couldn't emotionally handle the subject for last week. Maybe soon. Oh Sweet Four - who I am now calling the Gang o' Four, your time will come. AND I'm not going to be legalistic about my blog and feel guilty if I don't post.)

Sweet Mindy, who used to be my upstairs neighbor at 650 in Panama, lives in the surrounding area of Dallas. She wrote and said she was coming this direction and could we get together. Um...hello? YES!!!!

I saw this on the drive there and smiled to myself.

She called me trying to figure out where to park and I literally walked almost up to her car before she saw me. Oh how this lady makes me laugh! 

As we found a place to settle in away from the music from the artsy coffee shop, the past year since we've last seen each other melted away. Time stopped as we caught up. It felt as though both of us had lived years of life since our time together in Panama and there was much to share. 

Our time together was a sweet reminder and encouragement from the Lord. I so love Mindy's heart for people, truth, the Lord, pursuit, and openness. She is real. LOVE.THAT. We both shared our struggle of wanting to live open and genuine before people. Deep down, people are tired of the masks and the pretending that everything is "fine". We both shared how easy it is to slip into playing the role others expect and our fight to be real people. To remember what God has and is doing in our lives. To be true to that woman - the one He is shaping. 

I walked away so blessed. We laughed. I cried, Mindy teared. The hours passed far too quickly. But we are already looking for a time soon to meet again. 

Love this woman. Love that she is a sister. Love that she is a forever friend - picking up right where we left off. 

Mind - I can't tell you how encouraged and blessed I was by our sweet time together. Thank you. You are a blessing. 

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