Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday's Friends - Mirtza

This is embarrassing, but I totally thought for the two years I hung around this sweet lady that her name was Mirsa. Fortunately they sound very similar. Know how I found out? We were saying goodbye in Florida and she wrote her email address on paper. The lights came on. I felt like a jerk.

This is sweet Mirtza.

She has the sweetest heart. Our relationship was in Spanish, which always proves to be interesting. 
We would often share about being single and she was very vocal about her desire to be married. I learned a lot about her family in Colombia and how she misses them. 

There were times she would ask for help with the munchkins. 
Mirtza has such a gentle spirit. She can be firm, but is so loving and kind. 

This summer, she was sent to pick me up from the airport in Orlando. It was a lengthy drive back to the house and we chatted about all sort so things. That is one of my sweetest memories with her. I was able to hear her dreams, passions, desires, etc. She shared about her goals and what she wishes for as she thinks towards the future. 
Mirtza has a precious heart for the Lord and I'm praying the Lord grants her the desires of her heart. . I'm thankful for the times we were able to chat, for her patience in my stumbling Spanish, to laugh together while watching the munchkins, and for her willingness to befriend a crazy gringa. 

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