Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday's Friends - Nedelka

If any of you have ever been a part of the CCA community in Panama, everyone knows and loves Nedelka.
She is officially one of the school's "secretaries". Is that term even used anymore? I don't know.
But to anyone that knows her, she is far more.
She is the mediator of so many things. The one in the know, especially when it comes to MEDUCA.
She knows everyone in the school, their stories and backgrounds. Ned can find out answers about almost anything.

Ned (no, I did not give her this name, but I did adopt it. I first heard it used by Christina!!!) was one of the first people I met at CCA. She was the only one at the time working in the office besides the administrators. She was our go-to for just about anything. I would turn in paperwork to her, share funny stories, share prayer requests, tell her about a parent situation (gained SO much wisdom from her about these), and asked numerous questions about all sorts of things. I always loved coming to tell her a story about a student asking about Jesus or praying and she would rejoice with me. Loved that!

Nedelka is one of the sweetest and most servant-hearted people I have ever met. She has a plethora of patience and works with excellence in all she does. In all that Ned does, she has such a humility that is incredibly admirable.

This past year, Nedelka and I didn't work together at the school (though I would still see her and get some amazing hugs), but Ned volunteered in the children's ministry and we got to see each other that way. Most may not know this, but Ned was one of my biggest cheerleaders this last year. She was incredibly encouraging and I would walk away from talking with her rejoicing that the Lord spoke to me through her.

I so admire Ned's service, love for people, humility, her parenting (she is amazing, along with her husband Alex - and their babies are precious and so polite and darling). I'm  blessed to have shared life with her in lots of capacities. She is a precious sister and friend.

Yes, this picture is when we were saying "see ya' later". Thus the watery eyes. 

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