Thursday, August 8, 2013

Good Day

It's been a good day.

Started off awesome. I had FOUR picture texts from my sweet, Morg, this morning for the first day of school!!!! LOVED it! I saw here grinning like a fool looking at my sweet four. (I don't know what to call them - they are not my siblings or nieces or nephews or kids, maybe I'll just stick with the sweet four.)
THEN their amazing momma posted a picture of the four of them on facebook with a little note to me. Cried. It was like the grieving had begun. Tears rolling down my face. I'm super tempted to make The Sweet Four my Friday's friends tomorrow since I'm already super emotional about it.

Went to work.
Sweet gift from the Lord today. One of the things I've been missing recently is Family Dinners. It began as a purposeful accident (how's that for an oxymoron?), but turned into a tradition. This past year, nearly every night of the week, dinners were shared amongst a minimum of three. It was the BEST time for trying new meals, sharing food, telling stories, saving money on groceries, etc.
Thursday night dinners were also a highlight because even more people would come over.

Photo of Thursday night dinner:

Hey look! There's one of The Sweet Four!
So today at work it came up again about doing family lunches at the office where we would rotate bringing in lunch for the whole crew. Each person would only need to bring lunch for everyone once a month! LOVE this idea. It was a blessing from the Lord, for right now, since I had been talking to Him about missing that.
AND guess what I just realized?? It's Thursday!

I come home from work and I have a PACKAGE! Y'all, I don't know if you ever grow out of the Christmas-morning-excited-feeling when you get a package.
It was from sister. And look what was inside...

Last summer when I visited Sister, we went to this amazing popcorn places .These are my favorite flavors! (Notice - no sweet flavors. Love the savory!) AND there was a sweater/cardigan underneath that is beautiful! What a great sister!!!! Literally squealed when I opened it!

The night finished off with a fabulous, long Skype-session with my sweet friend, Jess. We have been trying to connect and finally were able to. Seriously, an amazing gift from the Lord. LOVED talking with her and sharing life.  I cried at the end as we prayed for each other. It was a great time of talking and laughing and catching up.

Good day. Thankful.

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