Sunday, August 4, 2013

Truly, Nothing Sweeter

Tonight I went to a church I visited last week because they were having a worship night.
I saw in the same seat as last Sunday, kind of in the back, alone. I'm going to blog later about going to church alone, it's not that bad.

Sitting there, really, so excited to be in this place, preparing for worship in song and ready to see what the Lord had in store.

This particular church does the whole awkward, "Say hello to someone around you" at the VERY beginning, before anything else.
So I shake hands (missing the hugs, people!) with the ladies in front of me. One of them asked if I attended to which I replied, "Well, I visited last Sunday."

During the first song, Ms. Jane turns around and asks me to come sit with them. Gonna be honest, I almost said no. Simply because I find great sweetness in being alone in an environment like that - yes, it may sound weird, but there you go. But I said yes.

At the end we chatted for a few minutes and I find out, she is from out of town and is visiting her sister who attends this church. How sweet is that?

So thank you, Ms. Jane, for asking me to sit with you. You were a blessing.

I have to be honest - it was an incredibly sweet time in the presence of the Lord. I cried through a ridiculous number of songs, being overwhelmed by the grandeur of God, His holiness, His provision, His faithfulness, and so much more.

The sound of voices lifted in praise to Jesus is overwhelming. Makes your heart long for heaven!

And as a sweet treat from the Lord, one song was sung in both English and Spanish. LOVED that!

There is truly nothing sweeter than sitting before the Father and crying out to Him for who He is. Beautiful!

This is one of my new favorite songs and I really like it in Spanish! :)

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  1. Wish I could have hugged your neck at church today...And sat beside you and worshipped! (and I totally get wanting to be by yourself sometimes...that may never happen to me!)