Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lesser Known Fact and When Memory Fails

Many people don't know this about me (unless they are from my middle/high school era), but I play/played the piano. I took lessons for I think 7ish years.

Funny story how that happened. To tell you how NON-confrontational Hannah and I were as kids, we would write our parents letters. Yes, I know that sounds strange. Thinking back, I think my personality preferred that method in case the answer was no. (We wrote a letter to mom with check boxes about getting our ears pierced too. This still makes me laugh! Mom- do you remember this???)

So Sister and I composed a letter to our parents. Not full of drama or anything (insert sarcasm). It read something to the effect of, "ALL of our friends are involved in something and we don't do ANYTHING. Please let us choose an activity." See? No drama at all!

Our parents gave us the go ahead to choose an activity to participate in. I chose piano, Sister chose guitar, and Little Buddy chose baseball.

There are many stories I could tell about piano lessons. Waiting on the loveseat for my lesson while the student ahead of me finished up (she was an adult and would make faces about doing the homework while the teacher wrote it down), feeling my hands could never stretch an octave because my fingers are so short, feeling sick every time we had a recital, feeling such a sense of accomplishment whenever I would finish a book (and then finished all the colored levels! Yep, dork right here).

My favorite story has to be about this piece.

(Whenever I go to mom and Dad's, I try to find a time to sit down and pound out some old tunes. This happens to be a favorite, though I have become quite rusty with lack of practice).

My last recital, I was able to choose my own piece, so being the crazy romantic girl I am, I chose "Canon in D".
My teacher really pushed for us to memorize our pieces, which I was not so good at. This one, she was convinced I could memorize it, because it does follow pretty similar patterns throughout. So I adopted said brilliant plan and decided to go for it.

Recital day comes. I'm one of the last (because at this point, I'm one of the oldest students and the more advanced students always went at the end).
I go up, hand my piece to my teacher, and sit down at the piano.
I get half way through the piece and CANNOT for the life of me remember what comes next. My brain starts racing thinking "You can't make it up. People KNOW this song and they'll know you are faking it." To which I then wanted to giggle, because how funny would it be to start inserting other random song in the middle of "Canon in D".
So I did what any rational person would do, I look up at my teacher and say, "I have no idea what comes next."

Now you need to know, my piano teacher is one of the most proper, sweet, quiet women I've ever met and she was our pastor's wife. She gets flustered and comes up and points to the spot where I left and returns to her seat WITH THE MUSIC IN HAND!

So I play a few measures and stop again and say, "I really have no idea where I am." Repeat rushing up on stage, but this time the music stayed.

Lesson learned. Do not attempt to memorize a piece of music.
Also, do not ask Abby to play "Canon in D" for your wedding. I can play the ipod for you, but that's it! :)

Good memories.

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