Wednesday, October 23, 2013

In Three Weeks...

...this will happen!

This group (minus Cheryl, though I'm hoping she'll surprise us and show up) will be together.
AND when this picture was taken, two little men were still waiting to be born and they are coming too!!!!

So not only will these two have a sweet best buddies reunion, so will the girls!!!

Except now, these two are much bigger little men!!! Augh!!! Can't wait to snuggle these buddies.

The thought and talk of a gathering has always been on the table, but I never imagined it would come together this quickly! AND we are going out to the White's for a day too for more re-connecting!

Yes, there are a few missing, but I'm beyond blessed, excited, thrilled, delighted, bursting, expecting, hopeful, and so much more for this time together!

So right now in three weeks, these ladies will be here in Dallas!!!

Thank you, Jesus, for this sweet gift. It's coming at an amazing time!

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