Thursday, October 31, 2013

Provision, Part 12857259

This provision part is numbered as such because the Lord's provides so many things, most of which I forget to see as provision.

This portion began one week ago (longer than that, but the outworking began one week ago).
Last Thursday evening was the event Awaken, by Priscilla Shirer. Y'all know I am BIG Priscilla fan and so love learning under her. Her Bible study this semester has been amazing and such a blessing to my heart.

So I go to this event. There was a dinner hosted beforehand by my church (who was the host of the Awaken thing too). I sit at a table with some girls I recognize from Sunday school. Being honest, a little awkward. Ok, maybe a lot. I felt like the girl who doesn't know what to say. And I don't have a boyfriend, nor am I close to engagement, and haven't  been ring shopping in the past week. Not bitter. Promise. We are just in very different seasons of life. Yep, definitely felt some insecurity creeping up. Honestly considered picking up my boxed dinner and going to a corner or finding a different table. Don't get me wrong, they were very nice people. Really.

Then sits down this sweet lady next to me. Find out she is the pastor's wife. Awesome. Have a great conversation. Then another lady sits on the other side. AND y'all, she had just moved back from Thailand after living there for 8 years! What???? Only the Lord can do these things. So we chat until it's time to go into the session. What a blessing! Our internationals experiences were incredibly different, but there was still that connection.

The Awaken time begins with some fabulous music and time in corporate worship through song. During one of the last songs, these sweet lady says she wants to pray for me. Y'all, sobbing while she prays. Only the Holy Spirit can do these things. She prayed SOOOOOOOO specifically for things I had been laying before the Lord. Things that very week I had literally cried out in prayer to the Lord. Amazing.

Priscilla's dear friend led an amazing time of worship through prayer. And one of the things was on provision! I kid you not. She asked folks to stand if they needed the Lord to provide some things and for others to  stand if they had seen the Lord provide. Beautiful. It was incredible.

Then on to Priscilla's announcement.  Her grandmother had gone to be with Jesus the week previous, so she had made a video message to give this information. I recorded part of the audio because I knew the announcement that was coming.

Did you watch it? Did you catch the announcement?

Here's a photo if you didn't.

Can you see? Not kidding, Beth Moore.

Y'all, it was surreal mostly because I have been in living rooms in Virginia, Panama, and Texas watching this woman's videos and then I was in the same room hearing her speak. So strange.

She spoke on scars and the process between a wound and a scar being healing and being marked. Do we let Jesus write His name over our scars or do we keep the people or event as the name on our scars? Super good. I could write a whole blog post on that.

I left that evening feeling many things and one was incredibly grateful.

The Lord had brought just the right people for that time, place, and moment. It was such a HUGE reminder of the Holy Spirit's presence, His care for me, that my Father hears me and loves to respond.

But wait...there's more to the story.

Until next time...

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