Tuesday, October 8, 2013

To Where, O Eyes?

Tonight was Bible Study. Well, the Tuesday night study. (There is one on Wednesdays also).

So you know how sometimes the Lord teaches you lessons and brings you back to them constantly? Yep, having some of those moments.

The past few weeks after Bible study, I've been asking the Lord for courage to say the things which come to mind and not just sit back. Last week on the way home as I was talking to Him about this, He began to reveal my hesitancy.

Have you had those moments when you say something and then you second guess, tear apart, over-analyze EVERY. Single. Word. You. Said. Ugh!
I do it CONSTANTLY! It breeds big time insecurity in my insides, thus creating fear of sharing my thoughts because of course, everyone will think I'm insane!

Don't you just love how is snowballs in our brains? Crazy.

So tonight, I go in already feeling a little disappointed in that I feel there is so much more I could glean from the homework.

Video session - AMAZING!! (This is the Priscilla Shirer, Gideon study). She kept bringing up when the Lord delivers us from places and people we shouldn't be with, we have no business returning to those things. Gideon led his troops to a place of fear (Spring of Harod) and they had been called to not fear. The Lord had the battle taken care of for them!

Enter small group time. As conversation begins to flow, I feel that pressure on my heart begin to rise. Knowing if I don't speak, I've got some repenting to do later. You know what I'm talking about?
And again, the Lord speaking into those areas of insecurity. "Abby, haven't you been asking me for this? So are you going to do it? Are you going to share about what we've been discussing and working through? Come on, daughter!"

Lessons from the past, how does it connect? In May at kid's camps, our theme was on identity and who we are in Christ. Those lessons, the study, all of it SO connected to our discussion tonight. The putting on of truth, claiming truth personally, and walking in it. Denouncing the lies of the enemy.
This is what was burning within me through the Holy Spirit to share.

It still brings me to tears to share about it. Talking to these women and being reminded of the immensity of God's truth. Wow! Amazing!

In this study, Priscilla has asked we summarize each day in hashtags (secretly love this!).
The lesson we focused on tonight, I summarized as the following...

#To Where, O eyes, will you look? In my weakness is His strength displayed.

Will I be weak? Where will I look? To whom will I listen?

How He equips. How He delivers from fears and doubt and insecurity.
How He is great. How He loves to show off.

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