Saturday, November 9, 2013

Provision, Part 12857260

Yep, I changed the number. :)

This is a continuation to the first part.

The very next day after the Awaken event, the day after being reminded in an incredible time of prayer and reminder of God's provision, the day after a stranger prayed so specifically for me, I received an email from a lady in one of my Bible study groups wanting to know if we could get together to have dinner and get to know each other.

I tried to play it cool in the response and only used 20 exclamation points. :)

Again, it was the Lord's confirmation of, "Abby, don't you think I'm going to take care of you? Don't you know I've been listening to your heart being poured out in my presence? Here's only a hint of what I can do for you and what I have in store."


We met up for dinner a week later and I was so blessed to hear her story, hear more of her journey, share some of my own, and just begin the development of a new friendship.

(Also, we met at this Thai restaurant I had a groupon for. Y'all, best music I've ever heard in a restaurant! Seriously. I sat there while I was waiting and sang so many songs - there was only one other customer there during that time. It was lots of popular songs, but all of them were covers. So good.)

This process of transition, letting go, moving forward - it's filled with all kinds of lessons.
The biggest one is realizing in a new and deeper way an incredible depth in my dependence on the Lord. It's a new place in my relationship with Him. We talk a lot and I'm so thankful.

Everyday is still a journey.
It's a learning time of growth.
It's realizing I have so much more to learn.
It's asking for His eyes to see.

I'm thankful. Thankful for His goodness to provide when I least expect it and in ways I would not have imagined.

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