Thursday, December 19, 2013

Lessons in Running

So I am not a runner. Wish I was and so admire those who are.
Students used to ask if I liked running, to which I would reply, "I only run if someone is chasing me. And even then, I may just rely upon my mad self-defense skills!" Haha!

Since moving to Dallas, I have occasionally gotten into running bouts of insanity.
The weather this week has been INCREDIBLE and urging me to get outside, which is lovely since we were cooped up, iced inside not that long ago.

Here's some observations about my running habits:

1. Large earrings are needed as part of the running "outfit".
Some people in Panama used to laugh when I would tell them I had beach/pool earrings.
This meant, there were earrings designated for such activities, ie: it doesn't matter if they get lost or ruined. Thank you, Dorians, for cheap, fun, dangly, big earrings for such activities.
Since it is no longer pool or beach weather here in Dallas, I feel the need to have large earrings when running. Yes, I realize there are probably laws of aerodynamics that would reckon large earrings a hindrance to this activity, but this girl's gotta have her some big ole' earrings.

2. My playlist is not your typical running list. I asked 'Rica (my former roommate who was a runner) and sister about running playlists. Their suggestions - something upbeat that will motivate you.
Sister's quote, "It has to be lively. Listen to rap if it will make you keep going and energize you."
I tried the upbeat deal. It didn't work for me. Occasionally, I like the more peppy style, but my go to is more like a "songs for Jesus" playlist. Includes music from: Hillsong, Ellie Holcomb, Tricia Brock, and Spanish worship music. This leads to the following observations.

3. It takes a lot of self-restraint to then keep my arms down while listening to said music because I want to raise them up in worship! This would completely throw off my less-than-stellar balance and I envision toppling over. The half-hand raise does come out because I just can't hold it back. While unconventional in the music style, it makes the running time less like a chore and more of a worshipful experience with the Lord.

4. This playlist may invoke strange looks from others out exercising when excessive mouthing of the lyrics takes place. It has proven awkward on occasion when the lyrics say things like, "I want more of you" or "You are all my heart desires" or some of the Spanish lyrics may appear even stranger to passing gringos.

5. Worship music causes my eyelids to desire closure and they do on occasion. However, in order to prevent falling, tripping, or appearing to be a potentially weaving runner, keeping the eyes open is important. The closing of the eyes can also bring on more strange glances from others. Case in point, tonight I took my off of the area in front tonight and totally had my ankle buckle. And only in front of the line of cars waiting to go in the apartment complex. Good times.

6. I have no idea how 'Rica would run every. single. night. in Panama with 1000000% humidity. This past summer, I went running one day when the temp was 102 and had to cut it short. Whoa! Hats off to you.

Tonight as I was nearly back to the apartment, I passed a cluster of trees and heard this beautiful clamoring from the birds hidden in the branches.

Listen to the song the Savior has put in their hearts to worship.


* Final note, the sunset/sunrise pictures are all from the past 24 hours. The Lord is painting up the sky and it is a marvel to behold!

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