Saturday, February 1, 2014

Roo's Visit

At the beginning of January, the Lord gave such a sweet  gift in Roo coming to visit.

Jen and I were actually on the phone talking when she showed up, which made it even funnier. Cheryl found the apartment because she could hear me talking. Oops! :)

It was a sweet weekend of reconnecting, laughing, telling stories, laughing, asking questions laughing - see the trend?

I was reminded again of the Lord's goodness in providing lifelong friendships.
I loved catching up on life, sharing what's been great and what's been rough, and just catching up.
She is a sweet friend.

Yes, frozen yogurt was involved. I've only ever been to these places with Roo.

And we went to the Arboretum (that membership is coming in handy). It was beautiful weather and so fun to go exploring and be outside.

Cheryl got to witness me in crazy Tia mode since it the Little Miss's 2nd birthday. Love that little pig-tailed darling.

And we went to Luke and Abby's and introduced them to the fun of "Gang of Four" - such a fun game!

Of course, there were moments of jokes that I don't even remember why they were funny anymore. 

Thanks, Roo, for coming to visit and being an encouragement. Your visit was God-ordained and incredibly timely. 

Now, you should just make plans to move here after your internship. Just saying. 

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