Monday, February 10, 2014

Surprise: Valentine's Day

Starting in college, Valentine's Day became a really special day. This seems unusual because I have been single for all 33 of my Valentine's Days. BUT it was special because of one big reason - sweet packages from sister.

Pretty sure these were Christmas dresses, but aren't they Valentine-y looking? 
Yes, momma made them. She is quite skilled! 

For those of you who have been in college, remember that feeling of having a slip of paper in your box indicating a box or package was waiting for you? It incited a giddy-like anticipation, especially because this was prior to the days where EVERYONE ordered books online. It wasn't quite as popular and common as it is now.

So you'd walk to the CPO (campus post office at Moody) counter and with great anticipation, waited for the package to be found (which could sometimes be an ordeal) and see what and who the package was from.
Closest thing to a college photo I have digitalized. 
I don't realize how much I've aged until I look at older photos. Sigh. 

My sister, Hannah, is one of the most generous and giving people I know. She loves blessing others and is SUPER gifted in this area! She began my freshman year sending these little gifts. Usually there was sometime of clothing item inside, a Valentine themed fun thing (maybe a cookie cutter, accessory, candy, kitchen tool, or something else), and a card.

And every year, I would forget about these gifts and be equally surprised each year they showed up. Partly because it seems so soon after Christmas and partly because she was in college most of my college years. Yet, sister always sent something fun.

In Panama, she would send something if she got the chance. Receiving packages cost me an arm and a leg, so I highly discouraged it! :)
But she would send a card or photos or something. Why? Because Hannah loves to bless others. AND yet every time, I was still surprised.

This year was no different.
Today this ridiculously cute envelope was in my mailbox. I still got the kid-like butterflies and excitement in my stomach! I couldn't wait to get inside and open it up.

And the treats inside were no less delightful. Clothes (so fun!) and a new type of card.
But having a sweet baby darling niece means there are more fun surprises inside...
Yes, I'm a little biased, but isn't that the cutest little hand you've ever seen? 

So while I have no expectations this tradition must continue (sister, you are always free to send or not! NO pressure!), I'm thankful for her kindness and thoughtfulness and love. You are a sweet treasure, beyond what you do, but because of who you are. (Yes, I realize I'm switching tenses and verb stuff, but oh well!)

Thank you for letting me such a part of the Little Tiny's Life. She is a hoot and I love that she makes you laugh too (though I know she makes you shake your head in disbelief at times too - ha!) 

I love that we can be more than sisters, but that we are friends too. Even after all those times I was a naughty sister, kept our room a mess even though you were a neat freak, when I would ride your pink bike and then you were forced to ride mine and you crashed and chipped a tooth, when I would stay up all hours of the night reading the same Mandie book for the 183 time, and so much more! I love that we can still laugh together, cry together, tell stories together (remember late night stories??), and so much much! Thank you for being a real life example of Valentine's Day being more than a romantic holiday, but another day of loving being close to us. I love you lots!
Good grief, we were cute kids! 
Still can't believe people thought we were twins! 
Look at how properly you were sitting. Such a fashionista.
Little Miss makes the same face as you do in this photo! :) 

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