Monday, April 21, 2014

When a Two-Year Old Says Your Name

Thoughts are rolling around my brain. I know I shall never get them all out in any semblance of order, finesse, etc.

So here we go:
* Title - I just returned from Easter weekend filled with two-year old loving, sisterly shopping, and sweet family time. Y'all, this certain Little Miss is quite the character and oh gracious, I love her to pieces! I could just eat her up! She is stinkin' hilarious and hearing her sweet voice call me Tia Abby, makes my heart melt in a puddle.

* My sister is just darling and amazing! I watch her be a wife, mom, full-time employee, and skilled at so many things. I don't know how she does it! And Hannah has such patience with the Munchkin, that I stand amazed! I also discovered this weekend, the Lord would have to do some serious work on my heart to raise children - I don't know how they tell them no! I'm sure it is different with your own. Yes, I did say no at times to her, but look at that face! Aw!

* The purchase of a new Bible is imminent. I'm procrastinating on buying one. Literally the covering is flaking off into pieces all over my clothing. We've been on some intense journeys in this particular copy of the Word. I think it is why I am hanging on to it.

* Jennie Allen - one of my new favorite speakers! She spoke at our women's retreat a few weeks ago and I bawled through the whole thing (yes, it was a day long event - judge it you want). So hit where my heart is at with purpose and pursuing the things of the Lord. I resonated with her heart of ache for the women of our culture/generation and the deep desire to see them live passionately for Jesus. Amazing!

* My neighbors had a tiny baby last week and I met her today. Ridiculous the-Lord-got-my-attention-in-that-one moment! She is tiny and darling and I can't wait to hold her (yes, y'all know I am going to ask - I love babies! It doesn't matter I haven't learned her parents names, yet). 

* Hello, allergies. Enough said. 

* Two hymnals are sitting on my bed - one in English and one in Spanish. Why? I love hymns. Easter morning, we sang hymns and Hannah poked her elbow into my side because I was so excited! And their church has an organ and y'all, Easter hymns with an organ - flashbacks to childhood memories. LOVE IT! There is such a majestic sound in singing about the resurrected Jesus alongside an organ. Yes, I am old school. 

* And just because she is adorable! 

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