Monday, June 9, 2014

30 Days

Isn't it crazy how quickly life changes and how much can happen in mere  days?

The past thirty days included:
* Sweet new friend's birthday

* Reconnected with sweet "old" friends (too many pictures to include - those will all be on a future post)

* Snuggling with my new sobrina - seriously, y'all, how cute is she???

* And today, it's a new adventure. Off to Israel as an employee of work. I'm super excited to meet people I've talked to for months and see the land through new eyes.

* THEN...Heart Friends Reunion in Mobile!!!!! Augh! Cannot wait to see these amazing people and the boys, and Cheryl will be there this year too!

Thankful for these times and for new memories and growth.

New seasons. New times.

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