Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tomorrow...Mobile '14

Tomorrow. I say "see ya" to my precious baby darling nieces. Oh My, y'all! Cannot handle their cuteness.
I love snuggling with them - CB with her hilarious comments and bright imagination and EM with her sweet snuggly, newborn-self. Oooh! Love it.

But tomorrow is going to the next reunion. Meeting up with sweet friends/sisters.
It's hard to believe that nearly two years have passed since Kara left Panama. (Most of the pictures in this post are from her "see ya' later time"). The rest of us have been back for over a year, except for Jess who is still in Panama (and we miss her dearly!!!!).

Our lives intersected in ways only the Lord could have orchestrated and continue to weave together as life continues in new places, ministries, cities, states, friendships and more. Yet, there is a sweetness that remains - heart friendships.

(This makes me laugh. Jen and Amber at a seminar on science notebooks)

So tomorrow we reunite. To share. To laugh. To cry. To tell stories. To remember when. To look forward. To guess. To explore. To be.

This year's destination - Mobile. Home of Jen and Caleb. Can't wait to see this life the Lord has pieced together for them beautifully. Oh how I love His sweet loving care over them.

(This picture makes me crack up laughing! So class Roo expression)

(Dallas Reunion 2013) 

Grateful for these women. Thankful we can reconnect once again. 

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