Monday, August 25, 2014

Trekkin' in Texas: Fort Worth Stockyards

So I've decided while living in Texas, I need to explore my own backyard/state.
When we were kids and first moved to Texas, Momma and Daddy were very intentional to take us to do "Texas-y" things. We went to so many small towns and had cheap, simple, fun family adventures.

As a now adult, I've decided to do the same thing. It's easy to explore when you live internationally, but so rarely do we know and do the tourist-y things right around us.

Case in point: I lived in Dallas for YEARS as a child/teen and have never visited the Six-Floor Museum/Book Depository. It's on my list now.

Two weeks ago, I went to visit the Fort Worth Stockyards and see the cattle drive through town.
Y'all, how much more Texas is this????

Good news - if you ride in on your trusty steed or bring along your pet cow, there is water available to them. 

Love this. So beautiful and charming. Total throw-back to a day gone by. 

Kristin tried out the mechanical bull - never mind it was the child's version and no quarters were deposited into the machine. 

SQUEAL!!!!!!!! My favorite show. This was on the family edition - not my favorite season, but still! 

Reminds me of Cars. Gotta love Texas! 

Them's real live longhorns. 

No zoom lens on the camera. 

This here's real life in Fort Worth. Twice a day 11:30am and 4:00pm. 

Driving 'em right on down the road. (I feel as though I'm typing with an accent - it's needed!)

This here's one proud stagecoach driver. 
Y'all, I CANNOT imagine traveling longs stretches of unpaved roadways in one of these things. 

Cutest. Things. Ever. 
Baby cowboy boots. Be still my heart. 

The old stockyards have been turned into darling little shops, restaurants, and strolling areas. Love it! 

We ate lunch here. Delish. 

Yep, it says, BBQ Bologna. No, I did not try it! 

Public Service Announcement: if you go to Riscky's, you MUST try the Texas fries. 
They cost $1 more, but they are WORTH IT! 
They are regular fries served with sautéed onions and jalepeños served with a side of ranch. 
Um...yes, please! SO DELISH!

Clever. Y'all get it? Brilliant.


And no trip to the Stockyards would be complete without some good ole' country music. 

Friends, did any of y'all learn some cowboy songs when you studied Texas or Western history? Come on! Anyone? 
These cowboys sure did sing to these cows! LOVED IT!!!!
But I missed it with the video. Boo! 

Fort Worth Stockyards
Cattle Drives: Each day at 11:30 am and 4:00 pm. 
Parking: Paid parking around the Stockyards AND FREE parking at the end of Exchange Ave (it's to the left - we asked a parking attendant where the free was!)
More information: Fort Worth Stockyards

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