Friday, September 19, 2014

A Previous Sunday (Part 2)

Day at Church - Part 2 

Tonight (Sunday) church had a prayer/worship night. Love these! 
(Again read as though it is on the day it has occurred) 
  • One year ago I attended and knew not one person. 
  • This year, I went and though I sat alone, I saw people I recognized and others whose names I know. 
  • Select a “darker” place to sit. Just want to blend in - 2nd row of the 2nd section, fifth seat in. The lights are dimmer here. 
  • Realize I’ve sat behind the SAME lady from the morning.
  • Eavesdrop on her conversation as she and her friend speak Spanish. 
  • Find delight in the fact I can understand them. 
  • Whip out my journal to ponder with the Lord this question. 

  • Delight in worshiping with people from so many backgrounds. LOVE IT! 
  • Journal emerges again at the end of “Oceans” (also today, brother posted a link to a blog that TOTALLY explains my feelings about this song and how sometimes I don't sing it - see the next one when I was asking it of the Lord -->
  • Reflect and write on how 18 months ago, I was praying constantly about where the Lord would take me (if anywhere) to stretch my faith. Umm…here we are. Wow. 
  • Tears leak out as we pray for our city, country, family of Jesus, etc
  • Sing some songs in Spanglish because I don’t know all the words in either language. 
  • Notice handsome man giving it up to Jesus. 
  • Get distracted. 
  • Pray for refocus. 
  • Notice there is no ring on his left hand (y’all know it’s true!)
  • Stop and pray again. 
  • Thank the Lord there are apparently single men who love Jesus and are not too young or too old (for me). Seriously. That is a praise! 
  • Realize this is why it is sometimes necessary to close your eyes. Handsome man is now unseen by these eyes. 
  • Second realization, hymnals also helped in keeping your eyes on the words and not those around you. Well played, hymnals. 
  • Become nostalgic about hymnals. 
  • Hymn is played. “It Is Well” 
  • Memories of St. Anne’s church in Israel flood back - Charlie Dyer’s favorite place to sing this song. 

  • Try not to think of Jon Acuff’s blogs on hand raising on church. 
  • Smile crosses my face realizing I am guilty of many. 
  • Embrace the freedom of raising the arms. 
  • End with “I’ll Fly Away” with the most hand-clapping I’ve ever seen at this church. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

A Previous Sunday (Part 1)

NOTE: This was written on a previous Sunday. Read as though you are reading it one week ago (from the date published). 

I have no pictures from this day, so I'll include one just for fun! :) 

Yesterday was one of those days at church that I need to remember. Laughter, tears, worship, delight, patience, prayer. 

So rather than explanation in lengthy paragraph form, instead, follow the bullet points below. 

A Day in the Life of Church/2nd Grade Class A
  • Digging into the Word 
  • Sitting behind the sweet Hispanic lady who sits in the same place every week. I’ve followed suit by sitting behind her. 
  • Wrestling with whether or not to take my purse with me to get communion, knowing I need to head to kid’s ministry. 
  • Walking into the first-hour calm, tranquil, learning-filled 2nd grade class (yes, now I’m in second grade - moved up with the munchkins). 
  • Enter the second-hour crew. Full of energy. Love them. I call them passionate. Praying it’s used for the glory of Jesus.
  • Sweet hugs from AB who exclaimed, “I missed you so much last week”. Be still my heart. 
  • Enter the three amigos (three boys who bring great delight and prayers for patience). No worries. Yet. 
  • Intro activity of building straw towers - going well. 
  • One of the amigos decides to hide under one table. When he finally emerges, he proclaims he is Piccachu (no idea how to spell this) and proceeds to talk like said character. 
  • Bouncy ball is flung into the air and I can only pray, “Jesus, please do not allow it to hit the light and cause shards of glass to rain down on us.” 
  • No glass shards. 
  • Head to large group. 
  • (Second grade sits along one side of the stage area). Enter the fascination with one student doing pull ups on the stair rail. 
  • Another bangs repeatedly against the stage. 
  • Smile with joy as students go all in singing to Jesus. 
  • One amigo laughs in delight as he sings - my heart cries out for him to see his need for Jesus. 
  • This amigo moves behind me for the lesson. 
  • End of lesson turn around and next to my co-teacher are the amigos having snuck in extra straws from our lesson and have littered minuscule pieces of paper all over the floor. 
  • Grab trash can for immediate clean up and a chat. 
  • Back to the classroom for lesson wrap-up and craft. 
  • Enter curling ribbon, paper plates, and a craft that goes south. 
  • Lesson goes out the window as craft consumes the time - students can’t tie the ribbon, some don’t know how to lace ribbon, and the amigos are having none of it. 
  • Inwardly cringing on feeling like a failure. “Lord, there is no way they learned anything today. Do you see this craft? The plan was to teach while we enjoyed the project. I only have 75 minutes each week with them. Grr.” 
  • Help one after another attempt this project. 
  • Show the co-teacher the sample at the end. We laugh - not in our class. 
  • Rejoice that the Lord has given this energetic group. I do love them. 
  • Realize if they submit to the Lord, they will be zealous for the sake of Jesus. May it be so. 
  • Go to teacher training afterwards. 
  • Discover that why there may not have been a lot of our being a “catalyst to faith”, these students knew they were loved and safe. 
  • Rejoice at the sweet gift of my co-teacher and grieve a little in knowing next week is her last for a while as she enters “Sunday school maternity leave”. 

This has turned so long, part 2 tomorrow.