Friday, September 19, 2014

A Previous Sunday (Part 2)

Day at Church - Part 2 

Tonight (Sunday) church had a prayer/worship night. Love these! 
(Again read as though it is on the day it has occurred) 
  • One year ago I attended and knew not one person. 
  • This year, I went and though I sat alone, I saw people I recognized and others whose names I know. 
  • Select a “darker” place to sit. Just want to blend in - 2nd row of the 2nd section, fifth seat in. The lights are dimmer here. 
  • Realize I’ve sat behind the SAME lady from the morning.
  • Eavesdrop on her conversation as she and her friend speak Spanish. 
  • Find delight in the fact I can understand them. 
  • Whip out my journal to ponder with the Lord this question. 

  • Delight in worshiping with people from so many backgrounds. LOVE IT! 
  • Journal emerges again at the end of “Oceans” (also today, brother posted a link to a blog that TOTALLY explains my feelings about this song and how sometimes I don't sing it - see the next one when I was asking it of the Lord -->
  • Reflect and write on how 18 months ago, I was praying constantly about where the Lord would take me (if anywhere) to stretch my faith. Umm…here we are. Wow. 
  • Tears leak out as we pray for our city, country, family of Jesus, etc
  • Sing some songs in Spanglish because I don’t know all the words in either language. 
  • Notice handsome man giving it up to Jesus. 
  • Get distracted. 
  • Pray for refocus. 
  • Notice there is no ring on his left hand (y’all know it’s true!)
  • Stop and pray again. 
  • Thank the Lord there are apparently single men who love Jesus and are not too young or too old (for me). Seriously. That is a praise! 
  • Realize this is why it is sometimes necessary to close your eyes. Handsome man is now unseen by these eyes. 
  • Second realization, hymnals also helped in keeping your eyes on the words and not those around you. Well played, hymnals. 
  • Become nostalgic about hymnals. 
  • Hymn is played. “It Is Well” 
  • Memories of St. Anne’s church in Israel flood back - Charlie Dyer’s favorite place to sing this song. 

  • Try not to think of Jon Acuff’s blogs on hand raising on church. 
  • Smile crosses my face realizing I am guilty of many. 
  • Embrace the freedom of raising the arms. 
  • End with “I’ll Fly Away” with the most hand-clapping I’ve ever seen at this church. 

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