Monday, November 10, 2014

Year 33 - Week 1

A few years ago, one of my people, a heart friend, blogged each week and showed a photo from each day of the week. I always thought that was such a cool idea - take a picture each day and show it a week at a time.

With a birthday last week, I thought I would do it this year. So here is the first installment of Year 33, Week 1.

Day 1 - Julia is in Israel. I was FREEZING! so I wrapped up in the red blanket, sent her a text and said, "It is freezing here today. Enjoy Israel." 

Day 2 - I've been so blessed to meet each Wednesday night this semester with an old friend from college. I get to cook for someone (which I love). This week, I didn't have dessert, but realized I had different types of biscuits, so we had tea and biscuits for dessert. So comforting. 

Day 3 - I was heading to East Texas Friday after work. So I pulled out my quick escapes from Dallas book and starting looking to see if there were places to stop while out of the city. 

Day 4 - So blessed to see sweet Raychel perform in her musical "Clue". She was one of the first few kiddos I ever babysat (with her three brothers at the time) and now she is all grown up and an amazing woman of the Lord. 

Day 5 - Checked out this spot, based on the book's recommendation. Let's just say, this Midwest-born girl was less than impressed by the catfish. Oh to be at Kampsville Inn for the catfish fritters. 

Day 6 - I'm not much into baking, but couldn't resist making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies this weekend. Best. Recipe. of. These. Ever. Seriously like eating baby clouds. 

Day 7 - My favorite color of Burt's Bees is only sold online. Much to my surprise when I opened the package today, there was a FREE item inside. Y'all know I love free things! 

So my sweet friend, Kara, who has done this before often took photos of the clock right before she would go to bed when she had forgotten to take a picture. I almost did one this week, because I thought I had no material. It's coming - I can tell. 
Already, the project has made me more observant and intentional in my day, while not wanting to be a creeper when seeing something else interesting. Can't wait to see where this goes this year! 

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