Monday, November 17, 2014

Year 33 - Week 2

This has been super fun! Some days it is hard to choose only 1 photo, but I'm going to try and do only one.

I've made it another week with no clock photo, but I know it will come (Kara - seriously, I think of you every day doing this! So fun!).

This week in photo review:

Day 1 - I love talking to so many of the people who call our office! Most of our guests are my parents age or older. They are so cute and hilarious! This was a 30 minute conversation guiding a sweet lady through registering for a trip. Love it! 

Day 2 - Wednesday nights this semester have been spent with my sweet friend, Sucy, who I know from Moody. This was our last dinner together (at least for her class requirement). I have LOVED having someone over to cook dinner for and to enjoy our chats. This night was - copycat recipe of Macaroni Grill's rosemary bread (it was amazing!!!) and a spinach tortellini soup. So good! Both repeat recipes. 

Day 3 - Dallas was hit with a MAJOR cold front (especially for November). I was FREEZING in the office and wore my gloves most of the morning to keep my hands warm. 

Day 4 - Some of the office girls decided to go out for lunch. Thai food!!! Delish! This is one of my favorite places, it is SUPER close to work, and they play the BEST music. Random, but fun! 

Day 5 - Finally was able to take my co-Sunday school teacher's kids out for a fun afternoon. She recently had a baby. Our original plan was a visit to the arboretum, but with the weather - no way! 
Instead we went to Northpark and I made up a scavenger hunt for us to do. Good times! 
(This was "find a water fountain").

Day 6 - Sunday school this year is studying the Old Testament - which I love! This week our lesson was Joshua. Can you tell what the snack was??? 
Graham cracker with frosting, drawn to look like the walls, and then teddy grahams lined up on the bottom like the Israelites. It was very clever and the kids LOVED them! No, this was not my idea. 

Also, during Sunday school my kiddos kept telling me "there is an 80-90% chance of snow, Miss Abby." I totally did not believe them, even checked the weather. 
Well, look what I woke up to on day 7...

Day 7 - The barest amount of snow. Those kids knew what they were talking about! This weather is making me nervous for this winter. Brrr! But I'm loving wearing all of these sweaters and scarves! 

This was a fun week! Can't wait to see what this next week brings! I already know a few of the photos, but who knows for some of the others. 

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