Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Year 33 - Week 3

This is late. I've been away from the apartment and haven't been on the computer.

So here we go with week 3.

Day 1 - Some of the girls from the office got together to make pizza, watch "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", and attempt to knit. Lots of laughs. I discovered this left-hander is not a knitter. Not my skill. But it was fun to try!

Day 2 - Suce, Kristin, and I got together. Sucy made an AMAZING dinner! Whoa! Delish. 
And we played games, which is always a winner! 

Day 3 - Chi Omega Christmas Market with Julia and her momma. It was lots of fun! Those places are always entertaining places to people-watch and see what things people make. 

Day 4 - Dad came to town for a weekend and a wedding! So of course we all hung out, especially because Luke and Abster were heading out of the country the next day! Love our family! 
There might have been some "Ticket to Ride" and "Amazing Race" which happened during our time together. 

Day 5 - I got to be Dad's date to the wedding. It was a total blast from the past! 
People we haven't seen in 10-15 years, which makes me feel old. Crazy. 
So much fun! 

Day 6 - Y'all! My family loves to play cards and we have had card buddies for a LONG time. These ends up being a staple of any parental visits to Dallas. 
So much laughter (as seen in this photo). So much fun. 

Day 7 - I confess. I have already failed the project. TOTALLY didn't take a picture on the actual day. I thought of it while showering, and promptly forgot. This was a text convo with sister on Monday. Does that count? Also it's a screenshot? Does that count? I don't know. Oh well. Yes, this was also screenshot at 4AM! Not a typo. AM. Dad has an early flight. 

Another fun week. This upcoming one will be great too! 

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