Monday, December 1, 2014

Year 33 - Week 4

It was Thanksgiving week!

Lots of memories of people and places I love. Grateful for so much.

Without further ado, this week in photos.

Day 1 - Kristin and I went grocery shopping to get everything for Thanksgiving. Neither of us were sold on getting a turkey for three people, so we picked a delicious, economical option - roasted chicken. DELISH!!!!!!! (And it's garlic/herb - YES!)

Day 2 - Thanksgiving prep has begun - Jalepeno/bacon cheese ball. 
Y'all, I may have asked a stranger at Kroger a good appetizer option, thus the cheese ball came about. 

Day 3 - Thanksgiving Day with these lovelies! Lots of fun cooking, watching a movie, card playing, and hanging out! And Kristin and I had fun celebrating Abi's first Thanksgiving ever. (We may have inadvertently taught her some fake Thanksgiving traditions). Also, Kristin may be starting the "photo a day keeps the boredom away" project too!!! Hehehe!!!! :) 

Day 4 - Two pictures, because I couldn't choose just one. And it's my blog, so I do it! Hehe! 
We took the girls to the Arboretum and the children's garden. It as so fun! CB loved going and seeing all the 12 Days of Christmas displays and told us where to go next. So cute. 

How cute is this girl????? 
She loved these eggs! Can't handle how fun she is! So grateful to be her Tia! 

Day 5 - Having my sister bring the babies was such an incredible treat! 
I loved hanging out with them and enjoying our time together. Love my sister. She amazes me! 

Day 6 - Booked my ticket to go and visit my dear friend, Kara! She is having a BABY in 2015 and I've been wanting to visit her for so long. Thankful it will work out and that I can meet Baby Hurt! 
Can't wait to see Kara as a momma. She is amazing! 

Day 7 - Tonight was the first Christmas party. This was with my Monday night women's Bible study. So grateful for tonight and the time to spend talking with women, when there is not so much time during our study nights. This is sweet Jeanette. So blessed to sit by her tonight and share life. Her passion for Jesus is delightful and is encouraging. Loved hearing what the Lord is speaking to her and guiding her. 

This has become so much fun! I'm loving doing this project. 

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