Monday, December 8, 2014

Year 33 - Week 5

Another week. 
This was has been the hardest so far - maybe because I felt as though I was grasping at straws somedays, BUT this is real life. Every day is not over the top exciting! BUT every. Single. Day is a GIFT! 

Day 1 - This was photo shoot week at work. So this was our team photo (there are a few missing). 
Y'all - this is the tallest I have ever been in a photo. This is not a natural height. 
I'm standing on a box, making me ALMOST as tall as Kristin (who you will see below is nearly a head taller than I am in real life). 
Thankful for these people and that we daily do life together. 

Day 2 - I think Mini Coopers are way cute. 
I am not normally a big fan of car decorations, but how stinkin' cute is this? Adorable! 

Day 3 - We may have been to Chick-fil-a a number of times this week. 
This particular day, the three of us ate in at the restaurant rather than taking it back to the office (it was at Lori's store at Northwest Hwy/Skillman - if you live in Dallas, go to this store!!!!!) 
Such amazing conversation, laughter, tears, and stories.
AND we got to see Lori, David, and Ms. Linda while we were there. Thankful! 
Hint: You can see Lori in the background with the pink shirt. 

Day 4 - Dinner with Luke and Abby, with a side of Amazing Race! 
Papa John's always reminds me of Panama and neighbor dinners. 
It was sometimes a fall back and other times, a necessity when the electricity would go out in the midst of dinner prep. 
How cute is this festive Christmas pizza box? 
AND I got to share it with Luke and Abster and hear all about their Thanksgiving travel adventures. 

Day 5 - Working at Christmas Party #1.
Once a month, I work at a dinner. It is fun! 
They are now decorated for Christmas and the side is wrapped like a package. 
When we were kids and dad was in seminary, we used to drive down this street and pick out our favorite houses. Now I get to go inside of one of them once a month. So fun! 

Day 6 - These Christmas posters were  the activity for Sunday School this weekend. 
This answer made me laugh! 
We have more learning to do. 
Above that answer, you can see the end of her answer for "What gift would you bring baby Jesus?" Her response: a walker. 
Love it! 

This was SUPPOSED to be a picture during the week of Thanksgiving and it got moved around in the import. I think it's hilarious because it appears as though there are flowered bows growing out of our heads. So I'm posting it now. 
Here  you can see how much taller Kristin is. 

Day 7 - First Chick-fil-a calendar card of 2015 has been activated! Bam! 

Let's see what this week brings - at least three Christmas parties. 

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