Monday, December 22, 2014

Year 33 - Week 7

Another very full week!

Here's the week in photos!

Day 1 - Yes, it was a Chickfila day again. This may be a photo every week. We love this place! 

 Day 2 - Christmas shopping included a sighting of Reba. Apparently she has a clothing line. 
Reminds me of time spent with former roommates ('Rica, Jen, and Amy) giggling at the Reba episodes.
Here's what I really want to know: where is the Barbara Jean clothing line???? 

Day 3 - So this intersection has a plethora of birds Every. Single. Day. 
Irony: it's at the intersection of Mockingbird. Never mind the fact they are black birds. 

Day 4 - Kristin's Comfy Cozy Christmas party. We sure did wear pj's and made an apple pie. Kristin really likes the red sugar sprinkles. Thanks, Marie Callender, for the delicious pie. 

Day 5 - SKYPE with Chloester and her sibs. It was so fun to see them and chat. 
Can't believe how much she has grown up and continues to mature. Love it! 

Had to do a second one because it was Christmas cards filling the mailbox day!!!! Love it. 

Day 6 - Jamming Jammie Jamboree at Sunday school today! 
It followed a theme based on The Tale of the Three Trees.
The teacher in me loved the stations and all the fun activities. 

This is my buddy AB. She is a dear and had a blast today. 
We even had real snow balls and had a snow ball fight! Total blast. 

Day 7 - It's Christmas-going-home Day!!! The suitcase is filled with gifts, clothes, and other random notions. 
Excited to have the whole crew together for Christmas! 

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