Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year 33 - Week 8

Christmas has come and gone and 2014 is hours away from being over.
This week's post is a little late due to traveling.

Here we go!

Warning: there will most likely be more than 7 photos and quite likely a lot of cute niece photos!!!!

Day 1 - Hanging out at Virginia home. Luke and Abster were reading books and being all smart and studious while I wrapped gifts. It was fun to hang out with them, listening to AMAZING Christmas music, and to wrap gifts for this family whom I love.

Day 2 - Tia/Sobrina date! For years I have dreamed of things to do as a Tia. Having nieces to start doing fun things with is such a treat! So CB and I went to Chickfila to visit Granny at work (Aunt Abby and Hannah came with us too). She got to play on the play place and eat ice cream. LOVE IT! Making memories.

Look at these people! LOVE THEM! So fun to all be together!

Day 3 - Christmas! This was SOOOOOO fun having kids in the family! 
I have a bajillion photos I could put on, but I LOVE this one! CB is wearing her SUPER cute winter coat over her prom looking dress up dress Granny made her, with her pajama pants underneath and her new cowgirl boots on. Hilarious! 
While the fam went to the movies, Hannah and I had a tea party with Princess Elsa in her light-up/singing dress and went on a walk with a Snow Baby. Be still my heart. 

Day 4 - In great Spencer/Main tradition, we played dominoes. Good ole' 42. 
We are the next generation of domino players. 

Siblings. I love these people! We laugh and love life together.

If you know my dad, you know his passion for Blue Bell ice cream. He has shared this love with CB. 
Whenever they are together, they will eat ice cream after dinner and share. So precious! CB is now big enough to feed Pappy. 

Day 5 - Road trip to Tennessee with the gang! The sunrise was INCREDIBLE! Picture does not do justice to the stunning colors firing up the sky! 

I got to ride next to this chick all the way to Nashville. This was pre-vomiting episode. Poor baby girl. Fortunately it was a one-time event. Love her. 

Day 6 - Mom and I were on kid duty during church on Sunday morning. Hannah wanted the girls kept at home since the flu is going around. This girl. The giant headpiece. Her smile. Her shaking excitement. Love it all! 

Day 7 - Abby Camp Preview. Aunt Abby and I have volunteered for an Abby Camp next summer during a week Hannah needs someone to watch CB. Since Hannah was back at work this day, CB and I played all day and had a blast. This was our stint with memory. Girl is smart! 
And we tried an Elsa braid. Poor girl! Her hair needs to grow a little longer. 
After I explained why it wouldn't touch her shoulder, she then explained to her daddy and Granny and her momma why it didn't touch her shoulder. Precious.
Also, why does she look so old in this picture???? Can't handle it! 

Traditional "departures at BNA" photo. Thankful we live so much closer and can spend time together. This sister of mine amazes me. Watching her be a mom and wife and sister is incredible! I am amazed by her constantly! 

It was a very full and incredibly amazing Christmas! We are truly blessed!

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