Monday, January 12, 2015

Year 33 - Week 10

Another week! How is this year already flying by?

What a fun week! Having Roo here was such a treat and I could write pages and pages about our time. Lots of laughter, incredible conversations, and marveling at the goodness of the Lord in the gift of this sweet friendship.

Day 1 - The sweetness of hanging out. AND Roo made her amazing oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. 
Sigh. Delicious! These were on request often for family dinners and snacks! 

So where we were house-sitting, Belle (the dog) LOVED Roo. She would go sit next to her and put her paw on her knee and just hang out. 
So Cheryl thought it would be funny to do "Senior picture" poses with her. Hilarious. 
This one is for Jess!

So fun! 

Day 2 - Steak night!!! Medium rare all the way - I don't know that the photo does it justice.
First time I've ever successfully cooked a steak medium-rare. Bam! 

This night is a memory more than this photo. It was one of those nights when the Holy Spirit moved in our conversation. One of those times when I so clearly sensed His moving me to share something very specific and I think it blew both of us away. Only the Lord can orchestrate things like that. Treasured memories. 

Day 3 - And that quickly, Roo's visit was over. 
Words cannot describe my delight at her visit, though I cried saying goodbye and in the car on the way to work.
Her visit was such an encouragement and a reminder of the hope of dear heart friends. 
We are truly family, these heart friends. Full heart. 
Now, if I could just get her to move here and be my roommate again. 

Day 4 - Dream boards!!!! Sucy and Kristin's works of art - seriously, they are so creative!!! 

This is a HUGE throwback to the first time I ever did a dream board and it was with these ladies in Panama in January of 2007. Rachel (in the red tank) had the idea and we spread out our posterboard, glue sticks, and magazines to dream about what the year would hold and what we would like to see the Lord do. 
We did it for a few years in a row and I haven't done one since. 

It was such a good exercise for me to dare to dream about the year. 
I realized how risky I find it to dream - fearful of disappointment, dreading the missing of something great, and concerned about wasting time. 
Instead, I chose to dream and to ask God to remind me of His hope (my word for the year) and to live Hope Every Day. Holding to that! 

Day 5 - Terrible photo, but one of my most grateful things during cold, rainy days - SEAT HEATERS! 
Quite possibly my favorite car feature! 

Day 6 - I don't know how to summarize this photo. 
I went to lunch to work on my 2015 Dream Guide (Jennie Allen put this out and it is available as a free download here.
Instead the Lord knocked my socks off by these ladies. Helen (in the purple) I had met at the Jennie Allen retreat we had, but didn't know her well. 
Long story, but Rhonda (next to me) started chatting with me in line and thought she had seen me at church (turns out it was someone who had hair like me because I was in kid's min during the service they were attending). And I found out through our conversation, she is a missionary in Honduras! How cool is that? 
Anywhoo - I was blessed to share life and lunch with these ladies and hear their passions, their hearts for Jesus, their dreams and I was so inspired and encouraged. 
Only the Lord knew how I had been discouraged in driving to church that morning, how I was asking for a sense of hope (see, there's that word again). 
All three of these women lived Jesus beautifully! 
I walked away having met three new sisters in the faith and was spurred on through their stories. 
Rhonda, Debbie, and Helen - if you are reading this, Thank you. You will never know the encouragement your time was to me. 

Day 7 - C25K
Kristin and I have made a workout plan and are doing it together. We started today - the Couch to 5K program. 
I'm not a runner (see post here.)
But as we started today, it was actually a lot of fun! 
Excited to do this with a sweet friend. 

Who knows what the Lord is going to do in this coming week??? Can't wait to see! 

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