Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Year 33 - Week 12

There are LOTS of pictures this week. Being with family you don't see often necessitates MASSIVE photo taking.

Day 1 - Y'all. This is a long story, but it cracks me up! 
I was using new makeup this morning and it went wrong. I had black eyes and the more I tried to fix it, the worse it got. I couldn't stop laughing. 

Luke and I began the road trip to Illinois today. We both worked and then drove 6 1/2 hours to Springfield, MO where we spent the night. 

Day 2 - Look at the grand-girls with Grandma (we are missing Hannah - tears).

Uncle John and Aunt Brenda came (my dad's brother and his wife).
So so sweet of them to drive a few hours, stand in line - just to be present. 

Aunt Pat and Uncle Terry drove up also for the visitation. So sweet! It was such a treat to be able to chat with them, even for just a while. These two have played a PRO-FOUND (read that as two separate words) role in my life and had a tremendous impact on our family. 

I love this picture! Grandma was being hilarious and making Luke laugh hilariously. 
She is a hoot! Perk of getting older - getting older and being able to say whatever you want. 

Day 4 - I love Grandma. I can't express the sweetness of being able to spend time with family and especially with Grandma. She makes me laugh and has so many neat stories. 
She has taught us so much and I am so grateful for a matriarch who loves Jesus and loves her family.

One of the crazy family photos. It was a tough week saying so long to Kate, but also one filled with stories, memories, and life. 

Day 5 - In a way only the Lord could ordain, I was able to go to IOWA and see more family! 
And apparently the whole state welcomes you when you visit Iowa, so says the sign. 

These people. Love them! 
It was the best way to end the week, being able to spend time with them. 
And I get to meet Baby A and run around with big boy, M. 
It was so surreal for us all to be together, but amazing! 
AND I got an Amber hug, which just thinking about it makes me cry. 
I love my people. And that little boy, Melt. My. Heart. Why did I not bring him back with me? 

Day 6 - Amber made AMAZING breakfast before the long road journey back to Dallas. 
She is incredible.  Have I mentioned her hugs? And her joy? 
So much more to learn from her! 
I got in the car after leaving their home (yes, there may have been tears) and I marveled at the grace of the Lord. He was so sweet for this incredible gift to be able to have those memories and share life together. AND I got to see their life in Iowa, which was so fun! 

It was a long trip back to Dallas, but the Lord painted up the sky. It was amazing! 
I took so many pictures of the sunset, but am only posting this one, but it was incredible. What a great way to end the first 6 hours of driving. 
Also, thankful for podcasts as they helped pass the time away. 

Day 6 - I saw the mail from this past week today and had two cards. 
I LOVE mail and having two fun pieces of mail was the highlight. 
One of the cards was from my sweet Bible study ladies. So so sweet. 
The thank you note - Michael Hale. That man - so sweet. 
Also, his thank you cards are some of my favorite I've ever read. 
So fun! 

Day 7 - Are you even still reading or looking? If so, GOLD STAR FOR YOU!!!! 
After work, I did my run in the parking lot on the roof part. A little PSA for you, if you choose to do this, one will realize during the workout that one side of the office faces the lot. Then when you walk back in to get your things, people will comment on the fact they just watched you. Awkward. 
BUT I was reminded with this view - the hospital - what a blessing it is to be able to be outside and to walk/run. It is a gift. 

I have to mention this. I love how the Lord will take such sweet care of us in VERY specific ways. 
Yesterday, I was cooking and what I wanted to make was not thawing in time before I needed to sleep.
I made some haphazard things for lunch/dinner today and was planning to use these remnants until I can cook for real on Wednesday night. Tonight just "happened" to be the night my small group at Bible study cleans up. And the clean up crew just "happens" to get the leftovers. AND there just "happened" to be MANY leftovers. I now have food in my fridge ready to eat for the next couple of days. Thank you, Lord, for providing this incredible gift. 

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