Monday, January 5, 2015

Year 33 - Week 9

The week after Christmas. Perhaps not as many photos, but this week I definitely missed some photo opportunities. Some of it due to complete exhaustion and lack of brain power and others simply because I didn't think about taking the photo until much later. Bummer!

Day 1 - This was AM. The time I finally was crawling in bed after a very delayed flight from Nashville. (My clocks are on 24-clock or military time, so while it is obvious to me this is AM, I felt the need to clarify). The alarm went off 4 hours later to prepare for work. Whew! 

Day 2 - I was all alone is our amazing and big office for New Years Eve and FREEZING! Literally had this amazing blanket wrapped all around me and could have used more blankets, gloves, and a hat. Brrrr! 

I may have gone shoe shopping (I need some flats for work). Wow! I hit the jackpot! 
Five pairs of shoes for $64 dollars (including tax). Four pairs of the shoes were 70% off of the clearance price. I will admit, one pair is a gift.

Day 3 - New Years Day 2015! 
It was so nice to chill and enjoy relaxing.
My feet were freezing and I had forgotten to take socks to the place I was staying. So sock shopping at TJ Maxx was in order. 
My feet are a weird size, so women's socks are too big and bunch up. Boys socks can be just right or a little too small.
The good news: childrens' socks are cheaper! Bam! 
Then as I was leaving, the restaurant next door had this sign and I thought it was hilarious! 
Well done, restaurant. 

Day 4 - It was another freezing day in the office! The three of us were there and wrapped up in the cozy blankets. We walked out in the hallway where the building manager was and he asked if we wanted the heat turned up. HURRAY!!!! 

That night, Sucy and I finally got to catch up. We went to have dinner and then saw a movie "Night at the Museum." Fun times! 

Day 5 - Card night! So much fun! I feel like we are little old ladies who love card playing and I love it! So fun. 
Good conversation, popcorn, junior mints, and cards - excellent. 

Day 6 - ROO IS HERE!!!!!!!!!! 
This is so exciting and the highlight of 2015 so far! 
As soon as she came, the dog escaped at the house I'm housesitting/pet sitting for, so Roo went to chase her down. 

It has been so fun cooking, laughing, telling stories, etc. 
I know these days will fly by, but I'm soaking it up as much as possible. So grateful she is here. 
Missing my other heart friends. 

Day 7 - Today is The Tiny's birthday is today! I can't believe she is three. This girl is full of life and such a joy. I love her dearly and am so grateful to be her Tia! 

Roo cooked tonight and made her famous chicken tacos per request! Delish!!! 
So fun to be cooking with her again and meal planning - grateful and so thankful.
Another day full of laughter, sharing life, and catching up. 

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