Monday, February 23, 2015

Year 33 - Week 16

This week - madness!!! Very busy, but oh so good!

Day 1 - Small world moment. I met with one of the children's min workers for "Coffee" and found out she went to Moody also. Yep, she had a very recognizable last name that I have only ever heard at Moody,  so I asked. So fun! 

Two pictures from Day 1 - I got home from small group and had TWO cards in the mail! How fun is that!!!!?!?!? One from sweet Grandma that made me cry and one from Michael (he writes fabulous thank you notes. If that was a career, he should pursue it. Or how to write friendly letters. Michael - it's not too late to change your major in case you are looking! Ha!) 

Day 2 - Even though I've lived in the states for many months now, I forget that Starbucks is available at a moment's notice. So I went. It was two days in a row. Hurray for gift cards and Starbucks and hot chocolate! 

Day 3 - Hannah sends me shopping for the baby girls twice a year at the Smocked Auction sample sale. 
I drug Julia along with me to help pick out dress options and send them to Hannah. SO. Much. Fun. 

I got to have dinner with Kamella tonight - hurray! It has been a while since we had caught up. She is one of the first non-work friends I made here in Dallas after moving back. It was a sweet time of catching up, sharing dreams, and seeing what God has in store. 

Day 4 - Dallas county has issued a law that you have to purchase bags for grocery shopping, at Target, the mall etc. I'm on a mission to avoid this surcharge. Yes, I'm all for responsibility, but I use those plastic bags as trash liners and a variety of other uses. (Let's just say, when my storehouse runs out, I'm heading to a suburb to load up at Target - one item per bag, please). 
Anyhow. I sure did carry my Trader Joes bag around Northpark and whipped it out when I made a purchase. 
Literally, I have walked out of Target and grocery stores with my arms full of things when I left a reusable bag in the car. I've never felt more like a shoplifter in my life. 

Day 5 - Kristin and I started meal planning and thinking through our March goal of doing the Whole30. Yes, we might have gone to have cheeseburgers and tater tots while planning. Irony. 

Day 6 - A lady in my discipleship had a quick trip to Panama. She asked if I wanted anything and I couldn't think of anything other than a visit with dear friends, Grendha shoes or vanilla from Arrocha. Guess what she brought me back? I was so shocked!!!! What a sweet gift! 

Day 7 - It's the great ice storm of 2015 in Dallas. 
While it may not look like much, I was awakened this morning to thunder sleet. Yep, that's a real thing. Freaked me out. It was a work from home day. 

Then these buddies showed up. Apparently they were checking the hydrants from freezing. So they let some water out of the hydrant and left. Good news - there is now a free ice skating rink outside! 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Year 33 - Week 15

Busy, but such a fun week!

Day 1 - February in Dallas sometimes means it is in the 70s. That means the toes get painted and the sandals come out. LOVE IT! 

Day 2 - It was another song writing week. Words will not be able to convey the hilarious texting happening with the work team regarding the food left in the fridge. 
This is what makes memories! 

Day 3 - Our office building had an appreciation day and had people come in and make fresh donuts. 
How fun is that???  

So we got these tiny bags of tiny donuts. 

Day 4 - Julia brought a fun cookie cake to the office with our favorite office line: #iloveus. 
It's true! 

Day 5 - Valentine's Day! What a joy to host a lunch for other sweet ladies whom I am so grateful for. 

Day 6 - Kristin and I went up to the outlet mall. She found these super colorful shoes and the store was having a buy one get one 50% off. So I found this super fun sandals too! 
Hurray for shoes! 

Day 7 - I attend a ladies Bible study on Monday nights. These women are dears. 
Two of them this particular night were in rare form. I call them Lucy and Ethel. They are the dearest of friends - one is quite flamboyant and the other more reserved. They finish each other's sentences have the funniest stories. They have been dear friends for many years. I didn't get a picture of them, but that is what this picture reminds me of - Nancy and Jan.

These weekly posts are important reminders for me of the Lord's faithfulness. It is causing me to think intentionally and to be more reflective on the Lord's moving each day. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

So friends, this year I did something I've wanted to do in the states and this year (my brain is all scattered, so this post has the potential to be all over the place).

Having been single all of my life, I have a heart for those who may be by themselves or feel alone, especially on days like today when there is a lot of focus on couples today.

I've been asking the Lord for a heart to move forward and love others well.

So this year, I decided to host a Singles Valentine's Day lunch. I started looking for ideas of what to do and could not find non-angry ideas.

I'm not super creative, but threw some things together and this is what went down today!

Activity idea - make fabric heating pads, filled with rice scented with essential oils.
Make one for you and for someone else. 

Write a note to go with the one to give away. 

Lunch - I'm not a decorator. So I made due with what I could find.
On the menu:
* Wedge salad
* Garlic bread sticks (one of my favorite recipes)
*Lasagna Rolls

Dessert: French silk pie with homemade whipped cream. 

Sweet Kristin - she was a lifesaver in helping sew up the fabric squares to prep for today.
What a sweet friend! 

Sweet Suce - she also saved the day by bringing extra rice to fill the bags. AND she brought roses for all of us! THANK YOU!!!!! 

Abby, Julia, Sucy, and Kristin - sweet gifts. Thank you, Lord. 
Already excited about planning for next year! 

Then it was off to see these fun people! 
Dear Mindy, buddy Griff, and I.
Griff had a competition in town and they won 2nd which was fun! 
Love talking to Mind - she is amazing! 

So I told Griff every time I see him now, we need to take a photo together until he is taller than me. 
Sigh. It will come all too soon. Look how much he has grown up???
Where is the little guy who was my upstairs neighbor? 

Flashback to Valentine's Day in 2012 - crazy how quickly time flies! 
We all went and got ice cream in Casco Viejo. We talked about their ice cream today. 

I came home to this incredibly sweet Valentine's card in the mail today. 
I had been telling the Lord today the incredible blessing He has given to me in giving me so many people who are sweet enough to share their babies with me and allow me to be a Tia. 
Tears. Love these two cuties. 

And I got this text photo of this pretty girl.  Be still my heart.

So while I may not have babies who live in my house, I have so many who live in my heart. 
What a precious gift! 

It was a great Valentine's 2015! 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Year 33 - Week 14

What a week! So grateful especially for this weekend of IF:Gathering. AMAZING!!!!!

Day 1 - Julia and I stayed late at work and chatted a lot. 
So grateful for her and the freedom to share real life. What a gift! 

Day 2 - Kristin and I worked out in the out of doors. We found this gem of a painting under a bridge. What a great photo op! I was run over by giant bikers. And then when I got up, I smelled like urine. Clearly this is also a place for a pit stop. Ugh!

Second picture this day - I got to the apartment and had this letter waiting in the mail! 
It was a birth announcement for my newest sobrina!!!! Thank you, Kara!
Tia Abby loved receiving this sweet gift! 

Day 3 - So, I like to make up words to songs. I've done it in teaching and I write simple ones to our air partner at work, and I've done it with former roommates. Typically they are to the tune of "O Christmas Tree" or simple nursery songs. 
My recent faves have been "Let It Go" or "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman" - y'all the possibilities are endless. 

This was a team effort at work! So much fun! I have more ideas for future ones! 

Day 4 - If: Gathering. I don't even know where to start. It's going to have to be it's own post. Heart still processing. Challenged. Motivated. Ready. 

Also - how cool are these centerpieces? I shall buy one on the morrow. Just kidding. But for real. Now where did they get these?

Day 5 - If:Gathering second day. Seriously. 
This was during Bianca's session and I was floored! 
Thank you, Jesus, for this weekend to hear from You, to be shaken up and fired up! 

Day 6 - Cooking time!!! Whipped up some delicious chicken salad. 
These are some of my favorite things to throw in there. 
Grapes, celery, carrots, candied pecans. And I threw in some dill.
Cilantro is also delicious, but I didn't have any. 

Also, we were celebrating a birthday at work, so I was in charge of getting flowers. 
I love fresh flowers! Truly. Please inform the man of marriage the Lord may have in store of this fact. 
And tulips? Swoon. 

Day 7 - When your freezer hands you leftover cookie day, make cookies. 
And drink milk. 
Nice treat. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Year 33 - Week 13

What a week.
Lots of tired days, but full moments. Moments of growth and moments of hope.

Day 1 - Lame photo, but this is something I learned this day. Flu. It's everywhere here in Texas. So far, no sickness. Thank you, Jesus! 

Day 2 - It was 81 degrees which necessitated a picnic lunch outside. It was AMAZING! 

Ok, y'all, this is so crazy amazing! This is one of the guests I've worked with for two tours in the last year and a half. He flew from AUSTRALIA on his way to a conference and asked if he could stop by. It was such a blessing to hear how the Lord has used his times in Israel to impact his life. 
Thank you, Lord, for the reminders of what you are doing! 

Day 3 - I woke up to this awesome picture! 
More about this to come, but the Lord is knocking my socks off with His sweetness. 
Bottom line, I'm going to get to see this girl this summer. One of my sweet girls. 

Office lunch with Greg Hatteberg. He brought Chickfila for all of us - lots of laughter and story telling. 

Day 4 - I went to Half-Price Books after work and the CUTEST little girl scouts were there selling Girl Scout cookies. Y'all - who can say know to giant chocolate eyes pleading with you to buy cookies? Not me. These lemony wonders are delish! 

Day 5 - Lunch with sweet Sucy. SOOOOO good to catch up with her and share where we are right now in life. Love what the Lord is doing in her life. 

Day 6 - SuperBowl Party at Luke and Abby's!
That glowing thing behind our heads is the game. 
Kristin and I decided our favorite commercial was the first draft one. 

Day 7 - The time you and your friend, Amber, discover that you have both been texting each other at the wrong phone numbers. Seriously, this happened. 
She was messaging me on Facebook and I asked her if she ever got my texts. Thus discovery and correction began. 
NOW we can text. And talk about important things like cereal and her cute kiddos. 
And I may have had an entire conversation with the look-alike at the next table and his grandparents. Moments like that remind me of my heritage. I have officially turned into my dad and grandpa.