Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

So friends, this year I did something I've wanted to do in the states and this year (my brain is all scattered, so this post has the potential to be all over the place).

Having been single all of my life, I have a heart for those who may be by themselves or feel alone, especially on days like today when there is a lot of focus on couples today.

I've been asking the Lord for a heart to move forward and love others well.

So this year, I decided to host a Singles Valentine's Day lunch. I started looking for ideas of what to do and could not find non-angry ideas.

I'm not super creative, but threw some things together and this is what went down today!

Activity idea - make fabric heating pads, filled with rice scented with essential oils.
Make one for you and for someone else. 

Write a note to go with the one to give away. 

Lunch - I'm not a decorator. So I made due with what I could find.
On the menu:
* Wedge salad
* Garlic bread sticks (one of my favorite recipes)
*Lasagna Rolls

Dessert: French silk pie with homemade whipped cream. 

Sweet Kristin - she was a lifesaver in helping sew up the fabric squares to prep for today.
What a sweet friend! 

Sweet Suce - she also saved the day by bringing extra rice to fill the bags. AND she brought roses for all of us! THANK YOU!!!!! 

Abby, Julia, Sucy, and Kristin - sweet gifts. Thank you, Lord. 
Already excited about planning for next year! 

Then it was off to see these fun people! 
Dear Mindy, buddy Griff, and I.
Griff had a competition in town and they won 2nd which was fun! 
Love talking to Mind - she is amazing! 

So I told Griff every time I see him now, we need to take a photo together until he is taller than me. 
Sigh. It will come all too soon. Look how much he has grown up???
Where is the little guy who was my upstairs neighbor? 

Flashback to Valentine's Day in 2012 - crazy how quickly time flies! 
We all went and got ice cream in Casco Viejo. We talked about their ice cream today. 

I came home to this incredibly sweet Valentine's card in the mail today. 
I had been telling the Lord today the incredible blessing He has given to me in giving me so many people who are sweet enough to share their babies with me and allow me to be a Tia. 
Tears. Love these two cuties. 

And I got this text photo of this pretty girl.  Be still my heart.

So while I may not have babies who live in my house, I have so many who live in my heart. 
What a precious gift! 

It was a great Valentine's 2015! 

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