Monday, February 2, 2015

Year 33 - Week 13

What a week.
Lots of tired days, but full moments. Moments of growth and moments of hope.

Day 1 - Lame photo, but this is something I learned this day. Flu. It's everywhere here in Texas. So far, no sickness. Thank you, Jesus! 

Day 2 - It was 81 degrees which necessitated a picnic lunch outside. It was AMAZING! 

Ok, y'all, this is so crazy amazing! This is one of the guests I've worked with for two tours in the last year and a half. He flew from AUSTRALIA on his way to a conference and asked if he could stop by. It was such a blessing to hear how the Lord has used his times in Israel to impact his life. 
Thank you, Lord, for the reminders of what you are doing! 

Day 3 - I woke up to this awesome picture! 
More about this to come, but the Lord is knocking my socks off with His sweetness. 
Bottom line, I'm going to get to see this girl this summer. One of my sweet girls. 

Office lunch with Greg Hatteberg. He brought Chickfila for all of us - lots of laughter and story telling. 

Day 4 - I went to Half-Price Books after work and the CUTEST little girl scouts were there selling Girl Scout cookies. Y'all - who can say know to giant chocolate eyes pleading with you to buy cookies? Not me. These lemony wonders are delish! 

Day 5 - Lunch with sweet Sucy. SOOOOO good to catch up with her and share where we are right now in life. Love what the Lord is doing in her life. 

Day 6 - SuperBowl Party at Luke and Abby's!
That glowing thing behind our heads is the game. 
Kristin and I decided our favorite commercial was the first draft one. 

Day 7 - The time you and your friend, Amber, discover that you have both been texting each other at the wrong phone numbers. Seriously, this happened. 
She was messaging me on Facebook and I asked her if she ever got my texts. Thus discovery and correction began. 
NOW we can text. And talk about important things like cereal and her cute kiddos. 
And I may have had an entire conversation with the look-alike at the next table and his grandparents. Moments like that remind me of my heritage. I have officially turned into my dad and grandpa. 

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