Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Year 33 - Week 15

Busy, but such a fun week!

Day 1 - February in Dallas sometimes means it is in the 70s. That means the toes get painted and the sandals come out. LOVE IT! 

Day 2 - It was another song writing week. Words will not be able to convey the hilarious texting happening with the work team regarding the food left in the fridge. 
This is what makes memories! 

Day 3 - Our office building had an appreciation day and had people come in and make fresh donuts. 
How fun is that???  

So we got these tiny bags of tiny donuts. 

Day 4 - Julia brought a fun cookie cake to the office with our favorite office line: #iloveus. 
It's true! 

Day 5 - Valentine's Day! What a joy to host a lunch for other sweet ladies whom I am so grateful for. 

Day 6 - Kristin and I went up to the outlet mall. She found these super colorful shoes and the store was having a buy one get one 50% off. So I found this super fun sandals too! 
Hurray for shoes! 

Day 7 - I attend a ladies Bible study on Monday nights. These women are dears. 
Two of them this particular night were in rare form. I call them Lucy and Ethel. They are the dearest of friends - one is quite flamboyant and the other more reserved. They finish each other's sentences have the funniest stories. They have been dear friends for many years. I didn't get a picture of them, but that is what this picture reminds me of - Nancy and Jan.

These weekly posts are important reminders for me of the Lord's faithfulness. It is causing me to think intentionally and to be more reflective on the Lord's moving each day. 

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