Monday, February 23, 2015

Year 33 - Week 16

This week - madness!!! Very busy, but oh so good!

Day 1 - Small world moment. I met with one of the children's min workers for "Coffee" and found out she went to Moody also. Yep, she had a very recognizable last name that I have only ever heard at Moody,  so I asked. So fun! 

Two pictures from Day 1 - I got home from small group and had TWO cards in the mail! How fun is that!!!!?!?!? One from sweet Grandma that made me cry and one from Michael (he writes fabulous thank you notes. If that was a career, he should pursue it. Or how to write friendly letters. Michael - it's not too late to change your major in case you are looking! Ha!) 

Day 2 - Even though I've lived in the states for many months now, I forget that Starbucks is available at a moment's notice. So I went. It was two days in a row. Hurray for gift cards and Starbucks and hot chocolate! 

Day 3 - Hannah sends me shopping for the baby girls twice a year at the Smocked Auction sample sale. 
I drug Julia along with me to help pick out dress options and send them to Hannah. SO. Much. Fun. 

I got to have dinner with Kamella tonight - hurray! It has been a while since we had caught up. She is one of the first non-work friends I made here in Dallas after moving back. It was a sweet time of catching up, sharing dreams, and seeing what God has in store. 

Day 4 - Dallas county has issued a law that you have to purchase bags for grocery shopping, at Target, the mall etc. I'm on a mission to avoid this surcharge. Yes, I'm all for responsibility, but I use those plastic bags as trash liners and a variety of other uses. (Let's just say, when my storehouse runs out, I'm heading to a suburb to load up at Target - one item per bag, please). 
Anyhow. I sure did carry my Trader Joes bag around Northpark and whipped it out when I made a purchase. 
Literally, I have walked out of Target and grocery stores with my arms full of things when I left a reusable bag in the car. I've never felt more like a shoplifter in my life. 

Day 5 - Kristin and I started meal planning and thinking through our March goal of doing the Whole30. Yes, we might have gone to have cheeseburgers and tater tots while planning. Irony. 

Day 6 - A lady in my discipleship had a quick trip to Panama. She asked if I wanted anything and I couldn't think of anything other than a visit with dear friends, Grendha shoes or vanilla from Arrocha. Guess what she brought me back? I was so shocked!!!! What a sweet gift! 

Day 7 - It's the great ice storm of 2015 in Dallas. 
While it may not look like much, I was awakened this morning to thunder sleet. Yep, that's a real thing. Freaked me out. It was a work from home day. 

Then these buddies showed up. Apparently they were checking the hydrants from freezing. So they let some water out of the hydrant and left. Good news - there is now a free ice skating rink outside! 

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