Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Year 33 - Week 21

Yes, yes, yes. I am late posting again, but it's all good!

What a busy, but amazing week! So grateful to see the Lord doing things I've prayed about and Him bringing it to fruition!

Day 1 - This sign is outside of my friend's apartment. The name makes me giggle - "Poopy Pouch". 
Also, how embarrassing for this dog. No one needs a photo like that. 

Day 2 - When days do not go as planned. This picture is a sweet reminder to me that sometimes best laid and organized plans do not always work out. However, this photo is a beautiful picture of teamwork! Sweet Julia stood by me and we knocked out the change of plans and made it work. So in summation, this photo represents teamwork and dedication. Thanks, Joo-ya! 

Day 3 - Dinner and games with these two - have I mentioned lately that I love these people???? 

Day 5 - If:Table! This is DELIGHT to me! 
I love hosting people over for dinner and I LOVE deep, meaningful conversation! 
When I attended the If:Gathering in February, Jennie Allen talked about this aspect of their ministry called If:Table. It's all about hosting women in your home once a month and they provide deep questions. 
I've been praying about starting this and for the Lord to CLEARLY lead in who to invite who may need connections and need some people. 
There were some who could not come for this one, but will in the future. 
This picture represents different aspects of Dallas life - Jeanette (Monday Ladies Bible Study), Tanja (Church small group), Kristin (friend/work), and Sucy (long time friend from Moody who is here). 
LOVE THIS! My heart was SO full after this night and was BURSTING with what the Lord did! Can't wait for next month too! 

Day 5 - One of my favorite items EVER to receive in the mail! 
It's from a nephew and niece. How sweet is this????? 
I was SHOCKED to open the mailbox and see this. 
Thanks, M and A! Tia Abby LOVES it! 

Day 6 - On my way to church I spied a helicopter VERY Low and it was picking up items in the mall parking lot. 

This past weekend the weather in Dallas was AMAZING! 
A LOT of time spent outside and time with these ladies. So thankful! 

Day 7 - Kristin gave me this sticker as it was my last day of Whole 30. That's 30 days without cheese. (and other things). But I made it. 

This coming week???? TRAVEL! Hurray! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Year 33 - Week 20

Another week. New adventures and proud moments.

 Day 1 - The office received this amazing Edible Arrangement from one of the churches we are working with right now! Yes, that is chocolate covered fruit in there. 
No, I refrained from partaking of the chocolate - not part of the Whole30. 

Day 2 - It was my next to last class for FPU. I have so LOVED doing this class.
It has kicked my butt and motivated me in lots of ways for setting goals and being excited about living wisely! 

Day 3 - Kristin and I finished the Couch to 5K training! We didn't realize it was going to be over this day, but it was! We are continuing to run and work out, but are pretty stinking proud of ourselves for doing it! 

Day 4 - Fresh squeezed orange juice has become dessert for me on the Whole 30. It is seriously the best treat ever! Love it! 

Day 5 - Kristin and I did a Loop 12 adventure around Dallas. I needed to fill up the car with diesel while we were out (planned it on purpose because I knew I could find cheaper diesel on the route). Yep, you might be on Whole 30 and eating apples while road tripping. 
The Loop 12 adventure will be its own post! 

Day 6 - Are they not so cute? Sure do love them!!! This was also not a posed photo and look how perfect it is? 
Luke preached at their church on Sunday and I was so grateful to be able to attend. 

Love the man he is and his love for the Word. Proud big sister moment! 

Day 7 - Kristin and I went walking through downtown yesterday for our workout and spent a few minutes in Thanksgiving Square. So we took pictures with the giant ring. You need to go there if you live in Dallas. If you stand in the center, it sounds like you are talking through speakers. Very cool. I might have sung a phrase! 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Year 33 - Week 19

Yes, yes, yes. I realize this is super duper late. But better than late than never! :)

Day 1 - I was still housesitting and I sure did grill out two or three nights! I LOVE grilled foods. 
The packets had cilantro/jalepeno steak. Delish! 

Day 2 - The house sitting gig was about to end so I pulled out the vacuum to clean  up a bit and found this gem! How fun is this old school vacuum? 

Day 3 - Tiny honeycrisp apples have become a HUGE necessity with this Whole 30. I literally keep a bag in the car and eat them when I get in the car and am so hungry! 

Day 4 - Look who came to have lunch with us at the office???? I sure do love these two people. Also are they not so cute? 

Day 5 - We went to see Cinderella! It's supposed to be the ad behind us, but it kept changing which made the taking of the picture hilarious! 

It was also time to color the grays. Sigh. They were taking over. 
Also, this was the best hair dye I have used! It was a foam type (which I like) but this one had very low smell and was SOOOO easy. I'm sold. 

Day 6 - Horrible photo, but saw this random, reverse tricycle car. Weird. 

And Cheryl and I had this texting convo. She makes me laugh. 

 Day 7 - What a gorgeous start to the week! Lunch outside! 
It was amazing!!!! 

It continued to be so beautiful so Kristin and I went outside after working out and hung out by the pool. Soon we shall jump in! 

Grateful for another week of life. Grateful for amazing people in my life. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Year 33 - Week 18

Yes, I know this is being posted late. I couldn't find one the picture and thought I had failed. Found it!

Day 1 - Jen and I had been texting for a few days about the squirrel who was invading her home. The play by play was keeping me in stitches! Hilarious! I was trying to convince her the Mr. Squirrel would be a good pet for C. 

Day 2 - One of our favorite "Regina" expressions at work is "I love us". We have an upcoming retreat and Julia found SHIRTS for us! How fun and cute are they???? 

Day 3 - Dallas awoke to a beautiful snowy day. We had 3 1/2 inches - the 4th largest snowfall on record in the month of March. It was BEAUTIFUL! 
It's hard to believe this was a week ago, because today it felt like spring! LOVELINESS! 

This is what the parking garage looks like when there is snow. 

Day 4 - We had a girl lunch at work at a new place. Look how cute a group! 

I left work on Friday and drove to Killeen to meet this chick - Roo! We stayed up LATE talking, laughing, catching up, and talking about Roo's next adventure. (You can read more here). 
My heart was filled. She is truly a dear friend. 

Day 5 - We explored HEB - a first for me. Thanks for being my tour guide, Roo. 

Roo: What if I gave you this painting? 
Me: I would say thank you. 
Roo: What would you do with it? 
Me: Um...well you don't live near me so I could get rid of it.
Roo: No, but I would come visit and make sure it was on the wall
Me: If you gave me this painting and it meant you lived nearby, I would hang it up. 
(This is a rough adaptation of the conversation) 

Day 6 - Roo stuffed this duck in my shoe and the note in the other. 
Upon opening the note, tears began rolling down my face. 
Even thinking about the words on the page, my eyes fill now. Words are powerful - even for kindness, they leave deep impact in a beautiful way. 

Day 7 - This sweet dog has been my companion the past few days. The Lord unexpectedly provided a last minute house/dog sitting job this week. She is the sweetest dog and has been so sweet to hang out with. 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Roo-Filled Weekend

This weekend was a last-minute plan - but very much a necessity.

I left after work on Friday and headed South to meet this chick for a weekend.

We met up in a smaller Texas town, between the two of us. 
Why so last minute? Because Roo is about to embark upon a new adventure, beginning very soon, and this was a chance to hug her sweet neck, pray with her, talk for hours, and laugh before she goes for a while. 

One of my favorite parts was giving her notes and little gifts from our PanFam/Heart Friends. 
We all wrote times when she can open them, so it makes the new journey more fun and gives her something to look forward to! 

We drove around the town. When I checked into the hotel, I asked the receptionist what historical features or interesting points of interest there might be. Her response: There is nothing to see here. We are a military town.
Roo did google attractions and found two things on the list: Starbucks and a drive thru bank. I kid you not. I laughed so hard! 
We did see the fort and along the way spotted 6 tattoo shops within the span of 1 1/2 miles. 
This particular one was noted for having a great piercing person. Alas, she was not there this particular day. :( 

We explored an HEB plus. I'd never been to HEB before, so that was fun. And we found some of the little things she needs. 

Cheryl also kept trying to tell me she was going to give me this piece of artwork and wanted to know what I would do with it if I gave it to her. 

Morg and I were texting and Cheryl sent Morgan this "judgey" face. 

And Morg responded. :) Love these two people. 

Saying "see ya' later" this time was hard. I know the time until I see her next will be longer than normal, but am really excited about what the Lord has in store to teach her and grow her. Roo is super brave and is walking forward in faith. So proud of her obedience to the Lord. 

I arrived home and as I was unpacking, found these gems - The infamous duck (back story here: The Duck Prank Story) and a note from Cheryl that made me weep. Not just tear, weep. Thanks, Roo.

It was a great weekend. So so so grateful for the time you made to spend this weekend in the midst of all of your planning and preparation. 
Love you dearly, praying madly, and trusting expectantly. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Year 33 - Week 17

It has been a tiring week, but a good one as well.
I have post floating around my head based on a moment in church yesterday. Need to type that out!

Here is the week in photos:

Day 1 - Brought us to the fact poor Jetta baby wouldn't start. The cold froze her out. So dear Kristin came over and jumped my car. We might have googled the instructions and followed them word for word. Good news - it worked! 

Day 2 - Dallas weather is unpredictable! I started the morning off in rain/snow boots and ended the day in flats. Crazy! 

Day 3 - Yes, I realize this is sideways, BUT I went to a fire safety training in our office building to be a FIRE WARDEN for our office. Y'all - this is so exciting to me. It stems back to college and being awakened in the middle of the night because the fire alarm was not heard in our room. Thus is made me passionate as an RA to make sure my girls would get out of the building - 5 Alive, We survive. 

ALSO I got to hang out with these awesome people!!!!! It had been weeks since we had seen each other - far too long seeing as how we live in the same city. 

Day 4 - Snow hit Dallas for real this time - no ice, just beautiful flakes. Which of course caused the city to decide to vacate all public areas at noon and head home. 

Not to be  deterred, our girls night carried on with Chinese takeout, spotting a snowman built on top of a car (y'all it's behind us in this photo), movie time, and card playing. YES! 

Day 5 - These stairs. Sigh. Saturday morning brought about frozen snow on the stairs. 
Abby may have fallen down them. Twice. 
Fortunately this year, I only fell a few stairs before catching myself rather than the whole thing. Progress. 

Another night at Luke and Abby's for some Amazing Race and the Abster made this AMAZING pound cake. Last dessert not whole 30 approved for a while. 

Day 6 - Dwell (night of worship) at church. Such a sweet time. Thankful! 

Day 7 - Kristin and I are doing a whole30 challenge for this month. 
Praise the Lord that bacon is included on the list of foods! I sure did find this sweet deal at Sprouts on CLEARANCE and it has no sugar added. I might have eaten a couple of slices while making dinner. 

It's been a super busy week, but one full of memories!