Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Roo-Filled Weekend

This weekend was a last-minute plan - but very much a necessity.

I left after work on Friday and headed South to meet this chick for a weekend.

We met up in a smaller Texas town, between the two of us. 
Why so last minute? Because Roo is about to embark upon a new adventure, beginning very soon, and this was a chance to hug her sweet neck, pray with her, talk for hours, and laugh before she goes for a while. 

One of my favorite parts was giving her notes and little gifts from our PanFam/Heart Friends. 
We all wrote times when she can open them, so it makes the new journey more fun and gives her something to look forward to! 

We drove around the town. When I checked into the hotel, I asked the receptionist what historical features or interesting points of interest there might be. Her response: There is nothing to see here. We are a military town.
Roo did google attractions and found two things on the list: Starbucks and a drive thru bank. I kid you not. I laughed so hard! 
We did see the fort and along the way spotted 6 tattoo shops within the span of 1 1/2 miles. 
This particular one was noted for having a great piercing person. Alas, she was not there this particular day. :( 

We explored an HEB plus. I'd never been to HEB before, so that was fun. And we found some of the little things she needs. 

Cheryl also kept trying to tell me she was going to give me this piece of artwork and wanted to know what I would do with it if I gave it to her. 

Morg and I were texting and Cheryl sent Morgan this "judgey" face. 

And Morg responded. :) Love these two people. 

Saying "see ya' later" this time was hard. I know the time until I see her next will be longer than normal, but am really excited about what the Lord has in store to teach her and grow her. Roo is super brave and is walking forward in faith. So proud of her obedience to the Lord. 

I arrived home and as I was unpacking, found these gems - The infamous duck (back story here: The Duck Prank Story) and a note from Cheryl that made me weep. Not just tear, weep. Thanks, Roo.

It was a great weekend. So so so grateful for the time you made to spend this weekend in the midst of all of your planning and preparation. 
Love you dearly, praying madly, and trusting expectantly. 

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