Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Year 33 - Week 17

It has been a tiring week, but a good one as well.
I have post floating around my head based on a moment in church yesterday. Need to type that out!

Here is the week in photos:

Day 1 - Brought us to the fact poor Jetta baby wouldn't start. The cold froze her out. So dear Kristin came over and jumped my car. We might have googled the instructions and followed them word for word. Good news - it worked! 

Day 2 - Dallas weather is unpredictable! I started the morning off in rain/snow boots and ended the day in flats. Crazy! 

Day 3 - Yes, I realize this is sideways, BUT I went to a fire safety training in our office building to be a FIRE WARDEN for our office. Y'all - this is so exciting to me. It stems back to college and being awakened in the middle of the night because the fire alarm was not heard in our room. Thus is made me passionate as an RA to make sure my girls would get out of the building - 5 Alive, We survive. 

ALSO I got to hang out with these awesome people!!!!! It had been weeks since we had seen each other - far too long seeing as how we live in the same city. 

Day 4 - Snow hit Dallas for real this time - no ice, just beautiful flakes. Which of course caused the city to decide to vacate all public areas at noon and head home. 

Not to be  deterred, our girls night carried on with Chinese takeout, spotting a snowman built on top of a car (y'all it's behind us in this photo), movie time, and card playing. YES! 

Day 5 - These stairs. Sigh. Saturday morning brought about frozen snow on the stairs. 
Abby may have fallen down them. Twice. 
Fortunately this year, I only fell a few stairs before catching myself rather than the whole thing. Progress. 

Another night at Luke and Abby's for some Amazing Race and the Abster made this AMAZING pound cake. Last dessert not whole 30 approved for a while. 

Day 6 - Dwell (night of worship) at church. Such a sweet time. Thankful! 

Day 7 - Kristin and I are doing a whole30 challenge for this month. 
Praise the Lord that bacon is included on the list of foods! I sure did find this sweet deal at Sprouts on CLEARANCE and it has no sugar added. I might have eaten a couple of slices while making dinner. 

It's been a super busy week, but one full of memories! 

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