Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Year 33 - Week 18

Yes, I know this is being posted late. I couldn't find one the picture and thought I had failed. Found it!

Day 1 - Jen and I had been texting for a few days about the squirrel who was invading her home. The play by play was keeping me in stitches! Hilarious! I was trying to convince her the Mr. Squirrel would be a good pet for C. 

Day 2 - One of our favorite "Regina" expressions at work is "I love us". We have an upcoming retreat and Julia found SHIRTS for us! How fun and cute are they???? 

Day 3 - Dallas awoke to a beautiful snowy day. We had 3 1/2 inches - the 4th largest snowfall on record in the month of March. It was BEAUTIFUL! 
It's hard to believe this was a week ago, because today it felt like spring! LOVELINESS! 

This is what the parking garage looks like when there is snow. 

Day 4 - We had a girl lunch at work at a new place. Look how cute a group! 

I left work on Friday and drove to Killeen to meet this chick - Roo! We stayed up LATE talking, laughing, catching up, and talking about Roo's next adventure. (You can read more here). 
My heart was filled. She is truly a dear friend. 

Day 5 - We explored HEB - a first for me. Thanks for being my tour guide, Roo. 

Roo: What if I gave you this painting? 
Me: I would say thank you. 
Roo: What would you do with it? 
Me: Um...well you don't live near me so I could get rid of it.
Roo: No, but I would come visit and make sure it was on the wall
Me: If you gave me this painting and it meant you lived nearby, I would hang it up. 
(This is a rough adaptation of the conversation) 

Day 6 - Roo stuffed this duck in my shoe and the note in the other. 
Upon opening the note, tears began rolling down my face. 
Even thinking about the words on the page, my eyes fill now. Words are powerful - even for kindness, they leave deep impact in a beautiful way. 

Day 7 - This sweet dog has been my companion the past few days. The Lord unexpectedly provided a last minute house/dog sitting job this week. She is the sweetest dog and has been so sweet to hang out with. 

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