Thursday, March 19, 2015

Year 33 - Week 19

Yes, yes, yes. I realize this is super duper late. But better than late than never! :)

Day 1 - I was still housesitting and I sure did grill out two or three nights! I LOVE grilled foods. 
The packets had cilantro/jalepeno steak. Delish! 

Day 2 - The house sitting gig was about to end so I pulled out the vacuum to clean  up a bit and found this gem! How fun is this old school vacuum? 

Day 3 - Tiny honeycrisp apples have become a HUGE necessity with this Whole 30. I literally keep a bag in the car and eat them when I get in the car and am so hungry! 

Day 4 - Look who came to have lunch with us at the office???? I sure do love these two people. Also are they not so cute? 

Day 5 - We went to see Cinderella! It's supposed to be the ad behind us, but it kept changing which made the taking of the picture hilarious! 

It was also time to color the grays. Sigh. They were taking over. 
Also, this was the best hair dye I have used! It was a foam type (which I like) but this one had very low smell and was SOOOO easy. I'm sold. 

Day 6 - Horrible photo, but saw this random, reverse tricycle car. Weird. 

And Cheryl and I had this texting convo. She makes me laugh. 

 Day 7 - What a gorgeous start to the week! Lunch outside! 
It was amazing!!!! 

It continued to be so beautiful so Kristin and I went outside after working out and hung out by the pool. Soon we shall jump in! 

Grateful for another week of life. Grateful for amazing people in my life. 

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