Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Year 33 - Week 20

Another week. New adventures and proud moments.

 Day 1 - The office received this amazing Edible Arrangement from one of the churches we are working with right now! Yes, that is chocolate covered fruit in there. 
No, I refrained from partaking of the chocolate - not part of the Whole30. 

Day 2 - It was my next to last class for FPU. I have so LOVED doing this class.
It has kicked my butt and motivated me in lots of ways for setting goals and being excited about living wisely! 

Day 3 - Kristin and I finished the Couch to 5K training! We didn't realize it was going to be over this day, but it was! We are continuing to run and work out, but are pretty stinking proud of ourselves for doing it! 

Day 4 - Fresh squeezed orange juice has become dessert for me on the Whole 30. It is seriously the best treat ever! Love it! 

Day 5 - Kristin and I did a Loop 12 adventure around Dallas. I needed to fill up the car with diesel while we were out (planned it on purpose because I knew I could find cheaper diesel on the route). Yep, you might be on Whole 30 and eating apples while road tripping. 
The Loop 12 adventure will be its own post! 

Day 6 - Are they not so cute? Sure do love them!!! This was also not a posed photo and look how perfect it is? 
Luke preached at their church on Sunday and I was so grateful to be able to attend. 

Love the man he is and his love for the Word. Proud big sister moment! 

Day 7 - Kristin and I went walking through downtown yesterday for our workout and spent a few minutes in Thanksgiving Square. So we took pictures with the giant ring. You need to go there if you live in Dallas. If you stand in the center, it sounds like you are talking through speakers. Very cool. I might have sung a phrase! 

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