Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Year 33 - Week 21

Yes, yes, yes. I am late posting again, but it's all good!

What a busy, but amazing week! So grateful to see the Lord doing things I've prayed about and Him bringing it to fruition!

Day 1 - This sign is outside of my friend's apartment. The name makes me giggle - "Poopy Pouch". 
Also, how embarrassing for this dog. No one needs a photo like that. 

Day 2 - When days do not go as planned. This picture is a sweet reminder to me that sometimes best laid and organized plans do not always work out. However, this photo is a beautiful picture of teamwork! Sweet Julia stood by me and we knocked out the change of plans and made it work. So in summation, this photo represents teamwork and dedication. Thanks, Joo-ya! 

Day 3 - Dinner and games with these two - have I mentioned lately that I love these people???? 

Day 5 - If:Table! This is DELIGHT to me! 
I love hosting people over for dinner and I LOVE deep, meaningful conversation! 
When I attended the If:Gathering in February, Jennie Allen talked about this aspect of their ministry called If:Table. It's all about hosting women in your home once a month and they provide deep questions. 
I've been praying about starting this and for the Lord to CLEARLY lead in who to invite who may need connections and need some people. 
There were some who could not come for this one, but will in the future. 
This picture represents different aspects of Dallas life - Jeanette (Monday Ladies Bible Study), Tanja (Church small group), Kristin (friend/work), and Sucy (long time friend from Moody who is here). 
LOVE THIS! My heart was SO full after this night and was BURSTING with what the Lord did! Can't wait for next month too! 

Day 5 - One of my favorite items EVER to receive in the mail! 
It's from a nephew and niece. How sweet is this????? 
I was SHOCKED to open the mailbox and see this. 
Thanks, M and A! Tia Abby LOVES it! 

Day 6 - On my way to church I spied a helicopter VERY Low and it was picking up items in the mall parking lot. 

This past weekend the weather in Dallas was AMAZING! 
A LOT of time spent outside and time with these ladies. So thankful! 

Day 7 - Kristin gave me this sticker as it was my last day of Whole 30. That's 30 days without cheese. (and other things). But I made it. 

This coming week???? TRAVEL! Hurray! 

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