Saturday, April 11, 2015

Year 33 - Week 22

Yes, yes, I am behind.

This past week was a blur, so updating the blog didn't happen.

BUT here is the week that included Easter weekend and a sweet getaway to be with friends.

Day 1 - We began with an Easter Egg hunt at the office. Lots of laughter and competition! 
Kristin found the  golden egg (it was in the freezer!). 

This also completed the Whole 30 challenge so it was off to celebrate with Tex Mex. What a delicious dinner! And the sopapilla to finish it off was delightful! 

Day 2 - IN OREGON WITH KARA!!!!!!! 
After all of the years of hearing of her deep affection for Oregon, I finally made it to visit her land. 

Day 3 - Lunch with these sweet ladies. It was my first time to meet them and I email them with updates for Israel trips. 
Love meeting Jesus family and hearing their hearts for ministry and for the people the Lord has put around them. I left so encouraged! 

Day 4 - Multnomah Falls and we met up with Amy! 
I've always wanted to go here, so that was fun, PLUS Amy drove to meet us, which was a special bonus! 
It was beautiful and sunny when we first got there.
Third bonus, I got to wear this super cute baby (baby wearing is one of my most favorite things in the WHOLE world). She slept almost the whole time and I loved every moment. 

It was great to see Amy and catch up on life for a while. 
Thanks for driving all the way to come hang out, Ames! 

Pizza and Amazing Race night at Kara's fun parents' house! 
I've decided we should open a pizza place and call it "Tiny Romans". That would be hilarious! 

Day 5 - Kara introduced me to Shari's and we had pie. Delicious peach pie. 

Day 6 - EASTER! Hallelujah, Christ Arose! 
We sang that song at church. I love me some traditional Easter hymns. YES! 

Also, this baby. So sweet. She was whimpering right before this was taken. Love her.  

Kara is super creative, so we had to make a pretty veggie tray. It turned out more like a palm tree than a flower, but it was delicious! 

This lady. Love her. So fun to hang out! 

Day 7 - This brought the end to the Oregon adventure. At least for round 1. 
So so grateful for the time with a dear friend. 
Already missing all of our conversation times. 

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