Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Year 33 - Week 24

So I feel as though I am typing this every week, but alas, I am far behind. The next few posts will explain why, but oh I have the photos! :)

Week of April 13 (this is for my own remembrance).

Day 1 - I went to Target and saw these shirts and they made me think of Roo. Pretty sure if she doesn't own at least one of them, she should. Miss that girl. 

Day 2 - Team building right there. Prepping document holders for all of our summer tours. #iloveus

Day 3 - Seriously one of the most beautiful Dallas springs of all time!
Kristin and I went walking around her hood and it is amazingly gorgeous!

Day 4 - When you are reminded how convenient living in the States is. 
Passport was caught up waiting for a visa, but that makes you eligible for applying for a second one. 
Picked up my new one today. Why? Stayed tuned for next week's post on international travels. 
Time from parking the car to returning to the car after picking it up? 9 minutes. Yes, that's right, NINE minutes. AMAZING!!!!! 

Day 5 - Sister weekend!!!!!!!!!! 
We went to the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. Hannah is clearly the Pres and I am handling all of the people who want to hang out with her! :) 
It was amazing and I left feeling super patriotic. 

We left this cute baby with crazy Uncle Luke and Aunt Abby. How cute are they? 
Love these people! 

Day 6 - Finishing up girl's weekend with an amazing walk in our monogrammed workout shirts. Yes, we are Southern gals! So grateful for a sister who is a dear friend. I love this lady! 

Day 7 - The car seat was now empty. Sad times. 
Love having a little one in the back and her momma in the front. 
Grateful for sweet moments together! 

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