Thursday, May 21, 2015

Year 33 - Week 25

Still  catching up. Love seeing what has happened over the past few weeks.

Week of April 20

Day 1 - Chickfila Office Run! Sure am thankful for this sweet friend! 

Day 2 - True friends know your aversion to paying for bags. So they have extras in their car for you to use for the random target run. Thanks, Kristin! Without your help, I would have walked out with armloads of things and looked like a shoplifter. 

Day 3 - View after working out. This is Kristin's pool. I am going to be spending a LOT of time here this summer. 

Day 4 - If:Table Night! This is one of my highlights of the month.
The Lord brings those who need to come.
This particular night there were INSANE storms in DFW. We grilled in the rain and then awaited people to arrive. 
The rain deterred many, but Kamella persevered and made it through the green sky, pelting rain, and crazy traffic. 

This is after the escapade of trying to kill an obnoxious bug flying around. HILARIOUS!!! There were tears of laughter! This was all happening in the midst of amazing, heart-felt conversation. The Lord has a sense of humor. 

So so grateful! This is a new ministry deal for me that is bringing such LIFE to my soul. 
LOVE these women and how the Lord keeps bringing new ones to invite. 

Day 5 - Remember how I needed a second passport? It's because I was going to Israel for work! 
Yes, it's crazy to believe that is part of my job, but it's true. 
So this particular Saturday morning found the three of us from the office heading towards Tel Aviv. 
I passed out on the international flight like never before. That's what happens when you push insanely hard to get everything done - your body will sleep on an 11 hour flight. Also a neck pillow and eye mask helps and a sleeping aid. 

Day 6 - We made it!!!!!!! 
It was a beautiful, sunny day when we arrived into Tel Aviv.
I so love this country and its people. 

Day 7 - First lunch in Israel. Salad with sliced salmon on top with loads of vegetables. 
Food in Israel is amazing! 

More Israel adventures next time! 

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