Monday, May 25, 2015

Year 33 - Week 26

Back at it to get caught up! It is fun to look back at these past few weeks - whew!

Week of April 27

Day 1 - Caesarea: this is one of my favorite places (I might say this more than once!). This is the hippodrome, where horse and chariots would race. Standing here always reminds me of what it might have been like when this was used. And then thinking about those who were Gospel speakers being in this place. Overwhelmed. 

The theater at Caesarea - again, a favorite. 

Day 2 - Boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. Is this for real? Again a favorite. Sitting on the middle of the Sea of Galilee and worshiping Jesus - nothing like it. 
About to burst into tears thinking about it. 

The hotel we stayed at hosted two patio dinners for us. At the patio dinners, there is a hummus bar. Y'all. Can't. Even. Explain. The. Deliciousness. 

Day 3 - Mt. Arbel. One of the most amazing overlooks of the Galilee. So puts into perspective how small the region is and you can see so many of the place where Jesus spent so much time. 

This day continued on to Nazareth Village, a place that recreates what Nazareth would have been like at the time of Jesus. LOVE cultural understanding things. 

If you want to see grown adults go nuts, provide baby animals. This little fella was more photographed than many other sights. I thought some of them were going to pack him up in their bag. He sure is cute though. 

In the recreated synagogue at Nazareth Village. Very very interesting. 

Day 4 - I stayed back at the hotel this day. LONG story, but there were some situations to be available for.
I went running along the Sea of Galilee. Again, so surreal. I'm sitting here shaking my head at that. So cool! 

The sunset that night over the Sea of Galilee. Stunning. 

Day 5 - On to Jerusalem! This is dear Tatiana, who handles so many details for us it is overwhelming. Her memory astounds me. 
We had lots of details to cover this day, so were all over the place to get things done. And it was Shabbat (Sabbath). We might have had some adventures attempting to get some fresh flowers. 

The view of Jerusalem from the hotel. Beautiful! 

Day 6 - Jerusalem. We started the day at the City of David and walked through Hezekiah's Tunnel, which still has water running through it. This was a first for me and it was AMAZING! 
Also, I was grateful to be short as some places the ceiling came down to about 4.5 feet high. 
Amazing to think people chiseled this out. 

Southern Temple Steps. 
I'm reminded of the Psalms of ascent every time I come here and think about the thousands of Jews who would come to the Temple for the feasts. 
Also makes me reflect about Jesus coming to this same place as the fulfillment of so many promises. 

Day 7 - Western Wall. 
Overwhelms my heart with compassion and an ache for those seeking so earnestly for the Promised one, following the rituals and waiting. It creates an ache for the veil to be lifted from their eyes and for freedom to take its place. 

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