Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Year 33 - Week 31

Week of June 2-9

This was a fun week (I feel like I've almost caught up - ha!) 

Day 1 - it was Regina's first day after the wedding and we decorated her office with the roaming ficus tree and photos from the wedding! 

Day 2 - Dad was still in town from the wedding, so Luke, Abby, Dad, and I went to the Ranger's game. It was like a flashback to so many times we went to games! LOVE IT! 

We are a pretty cute family! I sure do love these people. 
Ignore the fact I'm wearing pearls to a baseball game. There was a reason that I can no longer remember. 

Look how festive Abster is! She is so cute. 
We had the best time being commentators. We had a running dialogue and it was HILARIOUS! 

Day 3 - Chickfila Day! So busy, the line was out the door! But you know we sure did wait for it. 

Day 4 - Jurassic World night! So I had caught up and become educated in the ways of the dinosaur world. It was fun to go and watch. Sucy and I might have screamed out loud a few times during the movie. 
Also, this sign made me laugh! Because we know all the people going into the theaters these days are using these cool flip phones. Hahaha! 

Day 5 - Another workout day complete! Look at us being all consistent. 

Also Kristin needed to tuck the cords back into her tv cabinet, so I was the cord stuffer. Can you find me??? Hehe! 

ALSO - GLORY BE! Sucy made us the MOST AMAZING Guatemalan breakfast. Some of my most favorite food in the world. 
Those are black beans in case you are unfamiliar with this food group. 

Be still my heart. Delish. Salivating. 

Day 6 - Family Fun Splash Day at Church! 
These are the twins in my class and they make me excited each Sunday. 
They are asking incredible questions and wanting to know the things of Jesus. I get so excited I can hardly stand it. 
They are so sweet and such a joy! 

Day 7 - LEFTOVERS!!!!! Thank you, Sucy! 
For real, y'all. You need to go find yourselves a Guatemalan restaurant or friend to try this amazingness. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sweet Ellie

Warning: photo overload ahead. 

Oh Ellie Mae, how are you already one? 

Sweet baby girl, what an incredible gift you are. 

When your mommy told me she was having another baby, I was DELIGHTED! 
See, your Tia Abby is a little bit excited when it comes to babies and kiddos and knowing another little one was about to enter our family delighted my heart. 

While we were excited to see if you were a boy or girl, finding out CB was going to have a little sister made me so excited! Your mommy and I had so much fun growing up together as sisters and I was ecstatic y'all would be close in age and hopefully, be the sweetest of friends. 

One of the sweetest gifts has been living close enough to see you grow up in person. 
I missed so much of your sister's little times being so far away, but this time, I got to watch you grow up in real life. 

The Lord was so gracious is letting me see you every month for the first six months of your life and then three in the past six months. You are a joy! 

You remind me so much of your momma. You are observant and thoughtful. 
Your smile brings joy and delight to others. 
You want to be a part of everything going on around you and naps are NOT going to stand in your way of that! 

You have become so expressive in the past few months and your smile brings such life to those around you. 

You love your big sister and she adores you! 
I love watching the two of you already forming fun sisterly bonds! (Though she might want to keep all of your birthday presents!) 

Your heart already oozes compassion and you become distressed watching others who appear to be in pain. Especially if that person is your sister. 

How have you already grown from this tiny infant to a toddler? 

Oh Ell-sie Bell-sie, your Tia Abby loves you dearly. 

I Love your funny faces and your go get 'em personality. 

I love the beauty you exude which reflects the Father's creative hand in forming you. 

I Love watching you grow and learn. 

How my heart prays for you to know the ways of Jesus and for you to walk passionately in them. 

You have the sweet privilege of having parents who love you greatly and who are teaching you truth. They love you dearly and take their roles as your parents very seriously and as a treasure! 

I love you, darling girl! Walk with Jesus, live in the truth of the Gospel, and point others to the hope! 
Happy birthday! 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Year 33 - Week 30

Another week of life and living!

Week of May 26-June 1

Day 1 - If you want to look all fancy in bringing a dessert, the trifle is the way to go. SOOOOO easy and it looks all fancy! (Also it tastes pretty amazing and yes, those are snickers on top). Thank you, Pinterest! 

And games...y'all know how I feel about the games. SOOOO Much laughter at our end of the semester small group party. Too funny! 

Day 2 - Beautiful sunshine and lunch outside. Hurray! 

Another summer movie night - Jurassic Park. This was my first time to watch it. It was a must to catch up so we could go and watch the new one (which we did). Well done. 

Day 3 - If y'all knew how many pictures we took this day (ahem, Kristin - :) it is slightly embarrassing. But it sure is fun working out together. 

Day 4 - Regina is getting married!!!!! (Now that I'm finally writing this, she is now married)
Today we celebrated her engagement/bachelorette party. So fun! Sure do love this lady! 

Day 5 - Truly one of the highlights of my month - If:Table! 
This month we did a salad bar, which was so fun! 

Such great conversation and it was great having Samira and Abi join us for the first time this month. 
I love what the Lord is doing during these times together and have high expectations for what He is yet to do. 
(L to R: Samira, Sucy, Abby, Kristin, and Abi)

Day 6 - REGINA and RUSS's Wedding day!!!!!! 
It was a beautiful wedding and such a joy to celebrate how the Lord has brought them together! 

 I love us! So grateful for these women! 

Day 7 - It was that time again - hide the grays! 
Thanks, Kristin, for being my personal colorist! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Year 33 - Week 29

No more disclaimers about being behind. :)

Week of May 19-25

Day 1 - Summer Movie Nights. First on the agenda - a classic. Y'all, I had not watched this in years. Still so good. 
"You're killing me, Smalls"
So many great one liners! LOVE IT! 

Day 2 - Popsicle day at work! Every once in a while, our office management hosts these fun things, so today was AMAZING popsicles. So fun! 

Day 3 - Y'all. This photo. So while I was in Panama, I served with some ladies and we would plan annual women's retreats called "Bloom". We looked for a long time for a photo to show freedom and living in Christ. This could have been one we would have chosen. So when I saw this, burst out laughing. It's all interpretation. Hilarious! 

Day 4 - We had a training meeting online as a team. We were encouraged to ask questions, so I thought of one and asked it. Without creating a confusing situation trying to explain it, let's just say it caused the moderator confusion. AND it made Julia and I laugh for the next 10 minutes silently with tears streaming down our faces. To the point, Julia had to block out seeing me for us to begin gaining some semblance of control. Too. Stinking. Funny. It still makes me laugh.
What's worse is this call is RECORDED and we can re-listen at any time. 

Day 5 - The Renaissance Fair. Sucy and Kristin are avid fans of such things and it was my inaugural visit. What a unique experience. I have many thoughts thinking about reality, facades, etc. But it was an interesting time and FABULOUS people watching! 

We watched a jousting match, which was very entertaining. 

The signs in some of the shops were HILARIOUS! 

Yes, this is a scooter DRESSED AS A DRAGON! This was for real. Again, the people watching. 

Love these girls and these crazy adventures! 

Day 6 - Time for some Gang of Four. It had been far too long since a game night with Luke and the Abster. Love those people! 

Day 7 - Since it was Memorial Day weekend, Sucy and I went shopping at the outlet malls. It was SUPER fun, but we got trapped in some rain. Memories, folks. Love it.