Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sweet Ellie

Warning: photo overload ahead. 

Oh Ellie Mae, how are you already one? 

Sweet baby girl, what an incredible gift you are. 

When your mommy told me she was having another baby, I was DELIGHTED! 
See, your Tia Abby is a little bit excited when it comes to babies and kiddos and knowing another little one was about to enter our family delighted my heart. 

While we were excited to see if you were a boy or girl, finding out CB was going to have a little sister made me so excited! Your mommy and I had so much fun growing up together as sisters and I was ecstatic y'all would be close in age and hopefully, be the sweetest of friends. 

One of the sweetest gifts has been living close enough to see you grow up in person. 
I missed so much of your sister's little times being so far away, but this time, I got to watch you grow up in real life. 

The Lord was so gracious is letting me see you every month for the first six months of your life and then three in the past six months. You are a joy! 

You remind me so much of your momma. You are observant and thoughtful. 
Your smile brings joy and delight to others. 
You want to be a part of everything going on around you and naps are NOT going to stand in your way of that! 

You have become so expressive in the past few months and your smile brings such life to those around you. 

You love your big sister and she adores you! 
I love watching the two of you already forming fun sisterly bonds! (Though she might want to keep all of your birthday presents!) 

Your heart already oozes compassion and you become distressed watching others who appear to be in pain. Especially if that person is your sister. 

How have you already grown from this tiny infant to a toddler? 

Oh Ell-sie Bell-sie, your Tia Abby loves you dearly. 

I Love your funny faces and your go get 'em personality. 

I love the beauty you exude which reflects the Father's creative hand in forming you. 

I Love watching you grow and learn. 

How my heart prays for you to know the ways of Jesus and for you to walk passionately in them. 

You have the sweet privilege of having parents who love you greatly and who are teaching you truth. They love you dearly and take their roles as your parents very seriously and as a treasure! 

I love you, darling girl! Walk with Jesus, live in the truth of the Gospel, and point others to the hope! 
Happy birthday! 

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